Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moubray Street

Moubray Street is a short street running from St Kilda Road to Punt Road, and then changes its name to the better known Greville Street.

This lane leads to the back of the Alfred Hospital. While I know Jayne likes chimneys, I am not sure that she would be so fond of this one.

Highrise apartments viewed across the Wesley College playing fields. Right to left are Yve, an office building, Aurora and The Alto.

This was part of the old Royal Institute for the Blind, now called Vision Australia. The western part is now the Belgian Beer Cafe Bluestone. It is a nice place on a sunny day and very popular at times.

The eastern end contains Ormond Hall, a multi purpose hall, originally a dance hall.

In the early days of HIV patients were treated at Fairfield Hospital, an infectious diseases hospital and research centre. The hospital was closed and HIV treatment moved to the Alfred Hospital in 1996. Many were upset by the closure of the specialised Fairfield Hospital, so a decent amount of funding was directed to make things better at The Alfred. The area for HIV inpatients is known as Ward 7 West and I believe this garden was purpose built for HIV patients.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    An interesting area with a good mix of the old and the new. We do like the design of the small garden built for HIV parents with its moon window set into the wall.

  2. My my! Size really DOES matter - if that chimney is anything to go by!!!

  3. Is that tall chimney a crematorium chimney? Most hospitals would have some way of disposing of uncollected remains don't they?

    I love the old bluestone buildings and those apartments blocks are huge!
    The little garden is pretty.

  4. I looks to be a peaceful resting place JayLa. I wasn't aware of the name, moon window.

    Red, got to get that noxious smoke away from the sickies.

    River, I think the chimney would be for the boiler that supplies heating and hot water. I wonder what does happen to bits? I wonder if an alternative fuel could be developed from the fat sucked out with liposuction.

    They are large blocks, but the larger block, the more money there is from fees and large blocks tend to be run very professionally.