Sunday, April 15, 2012


When I say they are facts, you better be dubious. These are some interesting statistics that I have come across and they have stuck in my mind. They may or may not be accurate.

Forty people a day a killed by trains a day in India while the are walking on train tracks. Note, that is forty per day in case you think a made a typo, or nearly 15,000 a year.

Thames Water which supplies Greater London and some nearby counties with drinking water loses around 26% of  drinking water through leaking pipes. That is their pipes, not household pipes. Privatisation of public assets and services is working really well in Britain. Of course it is. Last year Thames Water made a pre tax profit of  £208 million. That is a success. Performance?  No need to worry about that.

Our big wide land, open for all, except where will they fit? One sixth of Australia is the Lake Eyre drainage basin.  Lake Eyre is chockers with water and wildlife this year, but it isn't always. For years in a row it can just be vast dry salt pans surrounded by desert. Nature has evolved to cope with this. We haven't.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Although we cannot verify the truth of what you say here about Thames Water, we really do believe that the figure which you quote is very close to the mark and may even be considered a conservative estimate. Other water companies in Britain are much the same, or so it is alleged!

  2. Time for a bit of population control, one way or another.

  3. 40 a day, seems an immense number but their population is in the double digit billions? people have to die somehow not that we are living longer , i tend to think this is also why we have big earthquakes and tsunamis....horrid as it it, its balance

  4. JayLa, the pipes would be very old infrastructure and it is unreasonable to expect private companies to fix them up, which is why the system should be government owned or private companies were selected because they bid with pipe replacement in mind.

    Rubye, tsunamis are quite good for population control. Took out 19,000 in Japan last year.

    IWBG, I am quite horrified that you publicly state what I think. I do draw the line at kids starving to death. India does have a huge population, but even there there is concern about the number.

  5. "where will they fit?"
    Send them bush with a shovel and divining rod. If they find water they can dig a well and build a pub. In no time at all a town will spring up around the "watering hole".

    she jests of course....

  6. River, some immigrants did that.

  7. Perhaps where will "they" fit can be solved in part if we combine it with a little of what will they do?

    If we must endlessly extend urban boundaries there is a great deal of infrastructuring to do. [Pity human labour is so utterly inefficient and unsafe compared to modern engineering methods.]

    Nope, can't think of one solution that won't destroy the living wage.

    Yes, I was astonished to read about water restrictions in England as a response to water leaks.

  8. FC, our local paper has stories of how crowded our local schools are with portable class rooms covering over play space. Infrastructure everywhere is lacking.