Monday, April 16, 2012

The Devils Nose

I wonder what rail safety standards are like in Ecuador? In spite of living high off the ground, even I would be pretty worried on this train. The scenery is certainly spectacular and it is a zig zag railway, just like New South Wales Blue Mountain's Zig Zag Railway which I wrote about a few years ago. For another longer version, click here. In the longer clip, watch the man standing on the roof of the train and stumbling slightly at about 3.50.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We are fairly confident that this would not pass any test of the UK Health and safety executive. And, furthermore, we should certainly not be brave enough to travel on it. Just watching the film made us feel queasy!!!!

  2. JayLa, the breaches of the train for our Rail Safety Act are many. Still, it is quite spectacular scenery. Best that we just experience it on You Tube, I think. Glad you took the time to watch it.

  3. The tracks could do with some remedial work.

    I wonder how slow the trip uphill is?

  4. Victor, I would reckon the whole thing is very slow, and perhaps just as well.