Saturday, April 07, 2012

Communication Problem

No words are really required except some people say accidents happen in slow motion. This has that feeling.


  1. I think of Thomas the Tank. I watch him regularly with my grandson who also finds trains hypnotic.

  2. umm how could they not see that happening?

  3. Hello Andrew:
    And now what are we to make of German technology?!!

  4. Oh dearie me! I can tell you from the accident when I was knocked down and broke my arm, such things really do happen in slow motion. I can still recount the details as if they took a minute but they took seconds!

  5. Victor, while you can see it might happen, you think it possibly cannot.

    Ah, Elisabeth, it is not just trucks.

    IWBG, I don't think the steam train driver had any vision to the rail car side.

    JayLa, that they used English parts?

    KN, I hope I don't find out the same way. Thinking of you today as we saw a movie trailer about someone who was walking the Camino. You must be nearly ready to depart.

  6. This time in three days I'll be up doing the last minute jobs before heading off to the airport...

  7. Hahahahaha! there's no way that wasn't going to happen!!!

  8. KN, you will be gone now then.

    Grace, it really ought not have happened.


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