Sunday, April 15, 2012

The brown people are suspicious

Is it gay man thing? Is it a general thing? I don't know. I think some guys are so hot looking, and I lust after them, but then would I really want to do the biz with them? No. Maybe, it is my age.

I vaguely recall Jah Teh quite liked Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan when I first discovered him in photos, oddly at our Immigration Museum. I just see him as a very attractive bloke and I don't really want to go any further that just admiring his looks. I collected a few photos of him and put them here in my celeb site.

It seems he gets a pretty hard time from immigration when he visits the United States. While I doubt there is a person in India who does not know who Khan is, and even non Indian me in Australia knows who he is, apparently US immigration remain unaware of the most famous male Indian movie star ever (out on a limb there, but I think so).

I did like his quip,

"Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I always make a trip to America," he said during the lecture. "The immigration guys kick the star out of stardom."


  1. Hello Andrew:
    He is not alone in experiencing difficulties with United States Immigration. Many people, less and more well known, have the same problem.

  2. Not a gay thing at all.

    I am a middle aged, middle class woman and in 45 years of travelling have never been taken aside for frisking or questioning.

    As I stride through customs or immigration unmolested, _young_ _men_ with _hair_ sticking out of their faces are instantly pulled aside. Youthfulness, maleness and hairiness are the first three markers; colour may be the fourth.

  3. when my eldest was a hairy biker goth looking person she was ALWAYS pulled aside for the scanning.Now she has a softer look not at all. Me a middle aged almost grandma, pulled aside once.EVER.

    and I don't think you're ever too old to appreciate eye candy even if you don't see yourself "with" them in the biblical sense :P

  4. I don't remember him at all. My current "drool du jour" is Nathan Fillion, the mature age thinking woman's crumpet.

    Of course I still adore you and R.

  5. JayLa, I think Australia's immigration can be quite harsh too. Actually, I know it is.

    Hels, yet we have an Anglo friend in his late sixties who has been pulled up for an explosive test three times as he re-enters Aus. Another person we know who travels to Thailand about three times a year, gets his luggage searched every time. That is three times a year over about fifteen years. Australian security and immigration are stupid. It is perhaps right to target suspicious looking types, but a lot of time is wasted in Australia.

    IWBG, I have no problem with security pulling up suspicious types, but in my limited experience, it is not how it works in Aus. See above.

    He is ok Jah Teh. I think I would need to take a razor to him though and make him a bit smoother.

  6. Ah, the arrogance of Americans who know no-one but themselves.
    Not ALL Americans of course and there are plenty from other countries who think the same.
    I see nothing wrong with admiring beautiful men, or women either for that matter.

  7. River, via our blogs, we are privileged to know some Americans who are not like that. I'm with you. I admire beautiful people, rather like I admire photos or art that I like. They are not real people in my life.

  8. Nowadays we only take in the Chinese and the Arabs. They're the ones with the money right? Seriously. They have no problem obtaining visas here and they all live in Silicon Valley.

    Half joking.

  9. Anonymous9:16 am

    I love his stardom quote.
    I do have a crush on the Indian guy who plays Raj the adorable Big Bang Theory nerd. His wife is a knockout too.
    X X O'Dyne & Stacks

  10. Rubye, like here, I expect the US immigration policies don't reflect what the people want.

    Ann, not a show I have watched. I just checked, he is ok.

  11. ooh I loves him, I have 3 or 4 of his movies on my PVR! They're always so cheesy and naff, but such light viewing. The last one I saw was the funniest as he played 2 versions of himself.

    I always breeze through Immigration even though it makes me feel instantly guilty ha ha!

  12. You don't watch the Big Bang Theory??
    It's the funniest thing on TV and you're missing out....

  13. Fen, hey aren't all Bollywood movies pretty cheesy? If I was an immigration officer, I'd be pulling you aside.

    River, I watch Modern Family sometimes, but generally I just don't get present day American tv. Bring back Mr Ed, Gilligans Island and My Mother The Car. The Lucy Show too and Leave it to Beaver, and Flipper. There is a post working up here.

  14. He's cute, Bollywood movies are great fun to watch, love the synchronized dancing!

  15. Grace, they are fun to watch. But not for too long.