Monday, April 09, 2012

'Dem and Us

As inward looking and self focused as Mother is, Step Mother is much more outward looking and prepared to learn, although she is inclined to take as gospel what she is told by people she respects. She was marginally brought up as a catholic, so perhaps that explains that. 'Christ was jewish', she once stated. Over the years I have heard the same from more authoritative sources, so I suppose he was, not that it really means much to me.

But don't the jewish celebrate easter but by a different name?

The commonalities between christianity, judaism and islam are amazing. I can't understand why they all don't get together to fight against the buddhists, hindus and agnostics who they have so little in common with.

But then there are born again christians. They are truly weird and should be sidelined in society.

Born agains are a real danger to our society as we know it. Our world religions might be wrong, but born again christian is not the way to go.


  1. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Yes, Jesus was Jewish and Christianity started as a splinter group from Judaism. Islam formed in the same part of the world. In Islam, the Bible (both old and new testaments) are considered sacred but the Koran is more sacred. Similiarly, Jesus is a prophet in Islam but Mohammed was the last (and best) prophet. V.

  2. V, you are so knowledgeable about religion, as we all should be given how different history would be without it.

  3. The Jewish community celebrate Passover which this year co-incided with Easter.

    There are good words to live by in both the Bible and Koran but what I find offensive is the picking out of certain passages to fit the current theory of religious nut jobs.

    We don't live according to a fifty year old medical journal so why a 2 thousand year old religious instruction book.

    This is all beneath me, being a Celtic Goddess as I am.

  4. Jah Teh, I noticed that but from the way you say that, they don't always.

    Yes, there are some fine ideas in the bible. Perhaps it should be updated and leave out the bits that don't suit us.

  5. Anonymous1:20 pm

    JahTeh age is irrelevant to scholarship. Current psychiatry for instance lives by the journals of Freud: more than one hundred years old. General medicine goes back to Hippocrates, more than two thousand years ago. No one can become a doctor today without taking the Hippocratic oath.
    It's silly to argue about it anyway; the expertise of the ancients is well-known to any educated person.

    Sneering at 'born again' Christians as a group is unfair. Some are shonks, some are crazy, but most are led to it by years of life experience. It's a mature decision, unlike being raised (indoctrinated, some might say) in it as a child.

  6. A JahTeh wrote Jews celebrate Passover which remembers the Israelites release from bondage in Egypt.

    Passover commences on the first evening with a symbolic meal called a Seder. It was this meal that Jesus and his disciples ate at what is known as the Last Supper.

    Therein ends my lesson.

    Anyone who wants to dispute these assertions can direct their comments to the Pope or to the Chief Rabbi but definitely not to me.


  7. Anon, I suspect age is not totally irrelevant. Yes, a great deal of useful knowledge is ancient, but some things should be reviewed when their original context is no longer relevant. That the ancients were sometimes misguided is also well-known to any educated person.

    The expression 'born again' is a loaded one. One use implies someone has left Christianity and returned to it. Sometimes this is a mature and considered decision, sometimes it's just a temporary act of desperation.

    Indoctrination is not something that happens only in childhood. Some people raised in the ways of a religion will, as adults, make a mature decision to stay or go.

    Regardless of religion, the devil can cite 'scripture' for his purpose. Generally, when people talk of Born Again Christians it's possible they are talking about cherry pickers - not such a silly association when converts to any belief can be overzealous.

    Here endeth my version of the lesson. Please do not put buttons in the collection plate.

  8. Your last is a fair point Anon and I judge rather by the way people believe in religion. I am not sure any of us would want to treated nowadays by medicine that has not moved on from 2000 years ago, nor psychiatry from 100 years ago.

    Victor, I am just so glad you agree with Jah Teh. She is better on our side. I'd agree with her no matter what she said.

    FC, Born Again always seem to be overly zealous to me. I'll put a fiver in your plate.

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  10. Anonymous12:14 am

    Andrew, progress begins once the correct path is found. At certain times there's a breakthrough. Ancient doesn't mean wrong, that's what I'm saying; Hippocrates is the father of medicine.
    One could go on about Greek discoveries, in mathematics for example, and in the arts; plays like Euripides
    (480-406 BC) are superior to anything written today.

    Fruitcake you're arguing with yourself. Shove a plate in front of me and I'll empty it.

  11. Tenuously I reply to 'Anon'.

    Our society is based on religion. Our mores and laws come from religion. I respect that. I do not respect that religion also tells us about so much hokus pokus. No sensible person would deny that advances in many areas have been progressive from very old times, but we are rather getting off topic from my post.

    Although religion is our history, it is no longer necessary and I put my faith in science, so long as it is proven by a double blind trial, peer reviewed and published in the BMA journal. Science and logic are unbeatable.

  12. 'Anon'12:45 am

    There was morality before religion.

    It isn't owned by the religious.

    I don't know what you consider hocus pocus.

    I also have faith in science, I've been to the doctor today.

  13. 'Anon'12:53 am

    If you flip a coin ten times logic says it should land heads five times, tails five times.

    Would you bet your life on it?

  14. Eh! religion, smigion, let's call the whole thing off!!

  15. Great idea Grace.

  16. I'm religion to the end. With nothing to lose.

    How's that. Quite a bargain.