Monday, March 19, 2012

Wetting the bed

Oh, this is not good. My bed is very wet, the carpet is damp and the fan/light is ruined. Apparently insurance will pay, but I don't know whose. The water poured down from the light fitting and also ran down the window frame.

Poor R had to deal with it all on his own as I was at work when a pipe in the apartment above burst. A kind neighbour helped him. Calls went back and forth to various forms of management of the building. Security, plumber, electrician, building cleaner, carpet dryer and tenant above all came and went to the not so background noise of screaming racing cars and flying machines. To put in bluntly, he had a crap day.

I had to sleep in the spare room last night and maybe longer. Still, I may get a new bed out of it. The timing is bad as Sister is staying at the weekend and we need three functional bedrooms but thankfully it was not this weekend.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Oh dear, this is all so distressing. Even if some insurance company or another will pay, it is all bound to take time and the inconvenience is already with you.

    Poor you!

  2. now now... you can be honest. We all have our little slip ups, especially as we get on a bit.

    And there are such lovely and discreet knickers you can wear these days :)

  3. I am empathetic Andrew. A sprinkler in the apartment above mine burst a few years ago and did pretty much the same thing (i.e. water leaked through the light fixtures and caused a hell of a mess). The only beneficiary out of this will be the company that will charge the insurance company for drying out your apartment.

    Hmmm...the joys of apartment living.

  4. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I hope the bears didn't drown!
    Poor R. It would've been a very stressful day, especially with the Grand Prix adding to it. I hope everything is sorted quickly. V.

  5. Such a pain!
    This happened to me once also, and I didn't even know my place was being flooded because I had a fan on for white noise (at night). Finally, the girl below me came up and started banging on my door because the water had gone down to her floor. What a mess. But yes, the insurance did pay quite well.

  6. ugh no, what a mess. Dealing with insurance companies can be a right royal bleep, I hope that everything gets fixed up quickly so that you're not too inconvenienced.

  7. Gosh, that sure was a crap weekend. Hope the insurance will come good and you can get all fixed free.

  8. LOL @ Hels!
    It's a terrible thing to have happen, I hope it's all sorted and fixed quickly.
    Meanwhile I'm loving the fact that you have stuffed toys on the bookshelf!

  9. Andrew, I'm almost feeling sick with sympathy. I've never been flooded, but I've had long protracted battles with insurance companies.

    Water coming through a light fitting would be quite unnerving, and it's a bit disconcerting to imagine broken pipes in a relatively knew building.

    I think you and R should both shout each other a stiff drink!

  10. JayLa, it is not quite as bad as we thought. Yes the fan/light is ruined but the bed and carpet has dried.

    Not quite there yet Hels, but very amusing.

    Ad Rad, it is something I have always dreaded happening, especially if the water came from our place. Everyone seems pretty rehearsed in dealing with it. I guess it is not unusual.

    They are fine V. Not even a splash on the Shink either.

    Rubye, there is an exterior water cut off tap, but I wonder how long it could go on if no one was at home.

    Fen, it is not too bad. I feel sorry for the young female tenant. She was worried that she would be responsible and she did not have insurance, plus she lost a day's work.

    Diane, it seems to all proceeding smoothly. I just hope the new fan/light is the same as the old one.

    River, each bear comes with its own story. I wish I had my childhood one though.

    FruitCake, it is the third failure of the same pipes in the building. It is a short flexible plastic hot water pipe from the copper pipe to the basin tap. R and I are not speaking. Door slamming and bad words tonight. Delayed stress reaction I guess.

  11. This post title made me laugh out loud and made my day instantly.

    I had visions of you and R washed away while the balcony turned into a multi tiered waterfall. All of that in the middle of Melbourne ;)

  12. Truly a crappy thing to happen - good thing the teddies on the bookshelf (and the books!) were unscathed and that, from your response to comments, the bed has already dried out.

  13. I suppose that has happened Peter but luckily not to us.

    Kath, in a couple of days I'll move back into the room. Everything seems dry now.

  14. Days like this happen. You don't need them.

  15. That's appalling! Insurance payment doesn't always compensate for the pain and suffering aka inconvenience.

    Hope the new bed is worth it!

  16. Oh crap! I live in fear of something similar happening to me. Well not literally but I would hate it to happen to me. Hopefully it is all being sorted and cleared quickly.

  17. Christine, I said, just what we need now. Actually it was not a worse time than any other.

    Red, it does not. Nor friction between couples when such things happen.

    Victor, we were lucky it wasn't worse. I have always dreaded it.

  18. Andrew go and make up with R right now, I mean it ..anyway I'm seeing this a bit later it was yesterday so I'm guessing all is well again!

  19. No Grace, it will be a five dayer I reckon. His birthday tomorrow, so maybe it will be ok then.

  20. sympathy from me. I would worry about wet wiring in the fan/light
    love to R

  21. Em Stacks, the sparky has insisted the fan/light has to be replace, even though it may be ok.