Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Tube

BBC Two is screening a documentary series called The Tube. The show examines various aspects of The Tube's operation, maintenance and problems all interspersed with Tube staff speaking.

Of course we in Australia can't watch it on the BBC player site, like people overseas can't watch Australian ABC tv on IView. This is very unfair to expats, to say the least. But there are ways around it, hey V.

I was having a search around to find the easiest way I could see it. There are many ways, but none as easy as click here.

But look! Here it is on You Tube, The Tube on You Tube. Very amusing. I think each episode is one hour long, and have been divided into fifteen minute pieces. It takes a bit of work to get it all in the correct order, but if you are keen, here is the first one and click on the name of person who posted it to find the rest.

The Tube 2012 S01E01 Part 1 (that's series 1, episode 1, part 1) I understand Episode 4 is about to begin showing on tv.

Later: Series 1 Episode 4, full programme.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    The Tube on Youtube - that appeals to us as well. Thank you for the link, all 15 minutes of it, which we shall be interested to look at later on.

  2. We've watched a bit of it too and, thanks to your advice, might also try YouTube to see if we can get a glimpse of some of the Aussie programs that get blocked for us.

  3. JayLa, I think you may be able to see whole episodes via YT, as I linked to the latest episode.

    Kath, it really is outrageous. You have paid your taxes, yet you can't watch the government owned tv station paid for by your taxes.

  4. Anonymous1:08 am

    YouTube is my friend! Yes, there are other ways to watch telly - more BBC than ABC.
    I sent an email to the ABC suggesting that expats be allowed to watch programs online but didn't receive an answer...V.

  5. How would you prove you are Australian V? A verse of Click Go The Shears to the ABC controller?

  6. Anonymous1:49 am

    Back in my wild and wooly youth, one proved one was a Rover by lifting one's top. Perhaps that would work with the ABC controller too...V.

  7. V, I am sure you averted your eyes when other lasses were proving they were Rovers.

  8. Anonymous3:33 pm

    But of course!! V.