Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Myth Busts

My father was very clever yet he fell for one myth, that you should not swim for at least half an hour after eating. You get stomach cramps to such a degree that you will drown. I think he made us wait an hour before we could swim again. It is nonsense.

See which way the water swirls down your plug hole? You just know it swirls the other way in the opposite hemisphere don't you. Rubbish.

Don't use aluminium saucepans. The aluminium gets into the water and will cause you to get dementia. After all these years, not even close to being proven.

I did say three myths so I can't add a fourth but let me assure you, I am not blind and I don't have hair on the palms of my hands.


  1. Myth No 4: Have a hot shower after getting wet in the rain so you won't get a cold, flue etc... not proven because its just an old wives tale :-).

  2. Windsmoke, that is a classic. Colds are caused by a virus.

    Rubye, I'm not saying another thing.

  3. 'I am not blind and I don't have hair on the palms of my hands.'

    But, in my experience one always ends up with a well satisfied look on one's face.

  4. Youi can't eat pork: must be cooked until it is dry and grey and unappetising.

  5. Rooooaaaaaared laughing.

    Thanks, I needed that!

  6. Yeh we were never allowed to swim for half an hour either. So frustrating as a kid!!

    My ex used to always say that sleeping with a fan on or the window open will give you a cold - he was such a wog!!

  7. For some reason we had to drink our glasses of milk *before* we ate our fruit because of the mixture of stomach acids or something.

    ....then again, this was from a grandmother who said 'fiddle-arseing' without having a clue that a swear word was involved...!

  8. LS, pleasuring oneself, is the phrase and it is not misnamed.

    Altissima, I am fond of pork but I do get your point. But I hope you are not going to say it can be eaten rare?

    FruitCake, there was only one vaguely funny thing I wrote. You are wicked.

    Fen, it was. The first thing you wanted to do after lunch was swim. The latter, yep, goes with catching cold from being wet.

    Kath, that is not one I am familiar with. I thought your grandmother sounded rather common, but now you have explained. PS My fave gran was very common.

  9. My brother and I regularly disproved the first myth, and back in the day aluminium saucepans were so very common, everybody had them, we all still have our minds....mostly anyway.

  10. Aluminium saucepans were very common River. Those of us of a certain age will all get dementia.