Saturday, March 24, 2012

R's birthday timeline

6.00 R opened the birthday card I left for him sitting on the bench.

10.00 I sent sms, fan/light installed. All good.

10.05 sms reply, Good

10.15 I sms 'of course happy birthday too'

10.20 Ta

12.14 I sms call me when you are not busy.

12.30 He calls. I say I have made an insurance claim for my bed, but with the $500 excess I am not sure I have done the right thing. An upholstery restorer will come and will fix up the bed dampness and I won't get a new bed. Can you advise?

R Cancel the claim, which is what I was thinking.

1.00 R calls, you want to look at beds in town tonight?

1.05 I buy bottle of Drambuie and some gorgeous flowers for R. $90.

4.00 R arrives home.

5.00 We are in Myer looking at beds.

5.15 We are in Domayne and I bought a new bed and so did R. Both our beds are very old.

5.30 Walking up and own Bourke Street to find a pub R has a vague memory of. Buying beds is thirsty work.

6.00 Thirst is slaked with two Blondes while watching the passing Bourke Street people/cars/trams but our investment of $5 each in gambling machines has not paid for the new beds, not even dinner.

7.00 @Rice is across the road. R has dined there with a friend but it was my first time. Good food, good service but atmosphere, quiet. $60

8.00 Home watching tv. R drops off to sleep in the lounge chair.

10.00 Me, Where is birthday card from your sister? You haven't put it up on the shelves.

10.01 R, There are other cards there too to put up. Not been much of a birthday. I'm going to bed.

Of course his birthday has a long way to go yet. Birthday dinner with friends on Saturday night and a family gathering on Sunday for his and Mother's birthdays.


  1. Not being a drinker it took me a moment - only a split moment mind you - to realise that the Blondes were not two passing cuties but beers.

  2. Ha Ha @ Victor. I'm not a drinker either but I knew straight away the Blondes were beers, but that's only because I have a Pure Blonde bottle opener key ring.
    I have found that birthdays get less exciting as I get older. It's just another day, except with more mail in the post box.

  3. Sounds like a great birthday to me, but then I never celebrate them any longer so anything would sound great to me.

    I thought the Blondes were blondes and didn't even think of beer. Oh well. I try.

  4. Happy [belated] Birthday R!

  5. Birthdays.... I have given up on them....they are such emotional times .. so many mixed feelings.. this one seems to have just begun...

  6. Ah, so he's the type who gets days and days of birthday events, not unlike the Queen mother....?

  7. Lots of birthday events with different groups of people over a lot of time is the only way to go. Otherwise the day passes in ephemera and is gone forever ...

  8. Sounds like a productive birthday. Happy Birthday R, hope your weekend has been up to par.

  9. Victor, your misunderstanding is excused.

    River, I tell R not to complain about his extended birthday celebrations. One day, I say, you will have no friends left and no one to celebrate with. Ha, I don't even convince myself with that one.

    Rubye, I believe the Europeans started this blonde beer nonsense, mind you, it is quite nice.

    Cheers Peter, as if I need an excuse to say cheers.

    Bad experiences Christine? I just find them something to endure, but of course it is good to see people who you don't see too often.

    Kath, are you intimating R is Queen Mother like? To quote another queen, he would not be amused.

    Red, passes in ephemera and gone forever sounds good to me.

    Fen, mixed. I feel so tired, but not sleepy tired.