Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a day

Me, Hello dear
R, Hiya sweets
Me, Did you get caught by the accident in Toorak Road this morning?
R, Yes, it had just happened as I went past. People were running everywhere and someone was giving the woman CPR.
Me, Oh, nasty.
R, There was no point with the CPR. Her head was wide open and brain mushed. It was just awful. I feel guilty for not stopping but people were coming from everywhere.

Me, Sister sent me an sms. Little Jo's godmother's son is going to be on In Gordon Street Tonight. Do you remember who Little Jo's godmother is?
R, Nope.
*We can only guess who in the show he was.

R, Ex Sis in Law rang. She is doing the post office course for two days next month in preparation for when they take over the country store. She wants to stay the night.
Me, fine. That will be nice. We'll go out for dinner. Just her?
R, Yes.

Me, You know how we are going to be celebrating Mother's birthday on Sunday in a couple of weeks but I am supposed to be working?
R, Yes.
Me, I asked for a week's leave and got it. But I have a sore throat when I swallow. Clearly I have caught your cold. But I dare not have a sickie after work was kind enough to give me the week off. I also checked my work finishing time on the Saturday when we are having dinner out for your birthday. It is 6.40 so if I come straight from work, I should be there by seven.
R, Not ideal, but what can you do.
*I hate going out straight from work, getting changed in the car, not having a shower or a relax, but as R said, what can I do.

R, The weekend of your Mother's birthday, Bone Doctor, your Sister and Little Jo are staying one or two nights. Have you pinned them down exactly when?
Me, No, it is a fluid situation. But you will be looking after Little Jo on Saturday at least. Sorry I will be at work, but they all do want to come to your birthday dinner.
*Friends and family used to always be so separate in our lives, but they aren't now. Our ex NT politician friend took a few people down to see Queen Mary 2 pass through the heads and he called in for coffee at Sisters. After checking with Sister and Bone Doctor, I gave him their address and phone numbers.

*Although I had taken steaks out to thaw for dinner two nights ago, the cook went on strike and we went to La Porchetta in Toorak Road. We sat on the terrace in the warm evening air, had a carafe of wine, pizza and pasta and watched the world go by. We were in the cheap seats though. Next door Da Noi was filling fast with posh Toorak Road types. Da Noi is where the old Brummels used to be. Contrary to what you may think, it is not Vietnamese, but Italian. I have heard Da Noi does not have a menu per se. You just choose from what chef has cooked for the night.

R, Look, work at the old Longford movie theatre site has started.
Me, Surely it must be low rise at the front and not too tall at the back.
R, What do your reckon about a front one with a large balcony and we could watch the Toorak Road street life?
Me, I keep telling you. I am not moving.
*This time I mean it, but then I meant it every other time too, just before we put the place on the market.


  1. I kept waiting for...

    R: Nudge nudge wink wink

    Andrew: Not tonight Sweets.

  2. Never a dull moment with you guys. :)

  3. Head open and brain mushed? oh, that's awful! someone has lost their wife, mother, sister, daughter....

    Why would you move? Your place is lovely.

  4. oooh I'll move in next to you ;)

  5. I want to sit down with you both and have a cuppa..... but you'd be too busy!

  6. Sacre bleu Victor. It was a week night.

    It sounds a lot Rubye, but mostly it is dull, which is how we like it.

    River, couple in their fifties. Given the hour, 6.30, out for a keep fit walk. Many lives will be impacted.

    Fen, that would be fun, except can your afford it? We couldn't afford to rent a place in our building.

    Cuppa Kath? I'll have a glass of plonk on my own then.

  7. Course I can't afford it, not on my rubbish wage, but one can dream!