Friday, March 16, 2012

The joys of inner city high rise living, Part 2

Remember when I was complaining about the air con coming on at night time on the roof of the commercial building next door? I don't know if was my complaint to the council that did the trick or not, but a week after making the complaint, the noise at night has thankfully stopped. The unit seems to be back to its normal daytime operation.

Bliss, quiet in the highrise again.

Oh, except for the Australian Grand Pricks happening this weekend at our nearby Albert Park. It is the set up period, the road closures and the loss of our park that annoys me. As irritating as the unearthly scream of the Formula 1 cars is, it is quite brief.

But after that, it will be quiet won't it? Easter is coming soon, a nice peaceful time. Oh, not so peaceful in the Highrise.

Dear resident/trader,
As part of the modernisation of Melbourne’s tram network, Yarra Trams will be renewing tram tracks in
St Kilda Road between Southbank Boulevard and Commercial Road from Good Friday 6 April to the early
hours of Thursday 12 April 2012.

The major works to renew the tram tracks and overhead power cables will begin at 6am on Friday 6 April
(Good Friday). The works will be done in two sections:
• Early hours of Friday 6 April to approximately 5am Tuesday 10 April
- Southbank Boulevard to Commercial Road
• 5am Tuesday 10 April to approximately 5am Thursday 12 April
- Works continue between Domain Interchange and Commercial Road
There will be significant noise and dust created during the works as large mechanical excavators break the
road surface to allow for the removal of the old rail and concrete.
While the works will continue 24 hours a day, Yarra Trams will make every effort to do the noisiest works
between 6am and 10pm each day. However, there may be a need to conduct some noisy work after dark to
ensure St Kilda Road reopens to trams on Thursday 12 April.

At least with new tracks, the trams will be quieter, one would think.


  1. 6am???


    That's pushing it a bit!

  2. No matter whether the rails are old or new your still gunna get wheel squeal. At least Yarra trams told you they're gunna mess up your Easter Break with as much noise as possible at ungodly times :-).

  3. Yuk. All that noise and just for the sake of a car race.

  4. Perhaps Yarra Trams assumes everyone goes away for their Easter break, so no-one will be there to hear the noise. Still 6am to 10pm for a few days doesn't seem too bad. Here in Adelaide they don't work such long hours and roadworks take months if not years to complete.
    Your turn for the roadblocks.
    Can you stay on the other side of town while the car races are on?

  5. ah cranky, time to go away somewhere?

  6. Yah!!! Melbourne is open only to rev-heads during Grand Prix weekend. The rest of us might as well not be there... we are only in the way of the few.
    I guess that one living anywhere on a tramline is going to be subjected to tramworks. I hope they do the work efficiently. Anyway Daylesford and surrounds is good for a getaway.

  7. Kath, it was happens between those hours that concerns me more, that is overnight when the works continue.

    Windsmoke, I have heard really bad wheel squeal, but not here. That may change with new track.

    Ah well Elisabeth, it gives us something to complain about and another reason to have bad memories of Kennett.

    River, it is 6 till 10 when the noise may be at its worst. It will be noisy all night, but I don't think it will really penetrate here much. I have to work on Sunday, so can't be away this year.

    Fen, as above, working Sunday.

    Christine, I am surprised that St Kilda traders, who I would have thought to be politically influential, haven't put a stop to it. They lose a lot of trade over the GP weekend. It will be nice to have new tram tracks and hopefully the trams will be quieter, but I rather like the rumble of them passing. Love to go to Daylesford. Soon I hope.

  8. Maintenance has to be done at some time. Better hope the weather doesn't intrude extending the work.

  9. Looks like you've got a couple of noisy weekends coming up Andrew. Shut the windows, put on some great music and cuddle up for the duration! Now come on that sounds good yeh!

  10. Grace, 7.23 and the car scream has just started. Music? I have nearly forgotten what that is.

  11. Just great Victor. You know how to make me feel better.

  12. I am all in favour of international sporting events being held in Melbourne, but not when they destroy the peace of home life for millions of people. So why not have the event on the rural edge of the city where only cows will be disrupted?

    My home is 3 ks from the racing track and life is a misery every year from the whining and shrieking of the cars. Even if residents close their doors, windows and curtains, the noise is horrible. And endless. Transport into and from the city blocked, diverted or slowed to a crawl for at least 4 days.

  13. No argument from me Hels. It will be extra bad here this year with a south westerly blowing. The amplified talking is so loud as to be intrusive this year.

  14. AAAARRRGGGHHH! Whatever happened to the sacrosanctness (?) of Good Friday?? I'm not religious, but was thankful you could generally rely on it to be peaceful ...

  15. Red, given how I slag off religion, I can hardly complain from the angle. Yes I can. It should be a quiet day.