Friday, March 23, 2012

Copperwitch is unwell today

Being 'unwell today' is a euphemism for having an extreme hangover. I seem to recall it appeared as a replacement line in an English newspaper when a regular columnist did not submit copy. Hence, Name Name is unwell today.

If you have been missing posts and comments from Jah Teh at Copperwitch then consider some scenarios.

1/ She has been on a Bombay Sapphire Gin bender.

2/ She has finally found the right toyboy and he has whisked her off to somewhere warm and luxurious to have his wicked way with her.

3/ She is at war with technology and could possibly quite happily shoot our Minister for Communications and the Google bloke. Perhaps she has assistance from a friend.

Witchy will be back. We don't get rid of her that easily.


  1. I had just assumed JahTeh was really busy with her mum, the Brick Outhouse and the pregnant girlfriend along with all the running around she does for both. I hadn't considered that she might be unwell. I feel awful, I haven't even emailed her to find out.
    I'll do that before I go to bed tonight.

  2. No no River. She is ok. She is having internet/blog issues. But it is always nice to receive a personal email.

  3. I think the original 'unwell' bloke was a journo called Jeffrey Bernard. There's even a play about it!

    I wondered where Coppy had got to...

  4. We have all had our unwell days and why not.

  5. I'ts hard to keep a good girl down - IMPOSSIBLE to keep that bad one down!

  6. Anonymous12:43 pm

    I don't believe this but after a long comment explaining, IE8 chopped it off by saying it couldn't show the page when I hit publish.

    Copperwitch will now publish as anonymous.

  7. Rubye, I may have had one or two.

    Don't forget the mad too LS. Bad and mad.

    Copperwitch, some of my best friends are Anonymous.

  8. I think it is Blogger/Google/Chrome that is 'unwell', and
    Internet Explorer is the Burke & Wills of browsers.

  9. Ann, I don't know. Jah Teh uses blogger. It should not have caused a problem when commenting on blogspot or stop her posting.