Sunday, March 11, 2012

ABC Digital

To my great pleasure, when sporting events, especially cricket, take over our ABC local radio, almost normal broadcasting continues on at ABC local digital. Sometimes it becomes national when normally it would have been local local. Perhaps our ABC should adopt the terms Local Local Radio or National Local Radio. It is rather silly of our ABC to press the point about being local radio when it is clearly a national broadcast.

But listeners to local radio should take some comfort from what I heard on the radio this week. Apparently when we are listening to local radio in Melbourne on Friday evening or at the weekend, we could be listening to AFL football on analogue and Bogan or Posh rugby on the digital channel. This hasn't happened and the digital channel remains 'local' radio, sometimes local local and sometimes national local. It is a victory of sorts.

It takes me back to when I was a letter writer, campaigning to get rid of parliament broadcasts from Melbourne's 3LO. Venerated broadcaster Terry Lane, now a camera correspondent for The Age Green Guide, campaigned too. I would like to say we campaigned along side each other, but we didn't, but we did exchange a letter or two.

I think Parliament was dumped onto Radio National, now known as RN. Parliament is now broadcast on ABC News Radio, its rightful place.

The cricket? Well, I am pleased to say we digital listeners don't have to suffer it anymore.

ABC digital radio hasn't quite got it together yet. There have been some horrible muddles and my complaint about a national digital service broadcasting Sydney news, which I didn't want to be official but had to be as that was the only way I could complain, has not been answered as yet. It happened more than once, but worse, was chopping off local analogue programs on digital before they needed to switch to sport. It must all be a learning curve I suppose. Should I bother to follow up why I never received an answer to my official complaint that I did not want to be official? I don't think so. I am sure they are as aware of how it is going as any listener is.

Now if you followed all that, then you have remarkable comprehension skills.


  1. I imagine that once you put a complaint in writing it is regarded as official whether you want that or not. I suppose the ABC counts it as official in its 'stats'.

    I like that you can even avoid the Parliamentary broadcast on News Radio by listening to the News Radio digital broadcast, however I have found that having the parliamentary broadcast on when I go to bed greatly assists my sleep.

  2. "I think Parliament was dumped onto Radio National, now known as RN. Parliament is now broadcast on ABC News Radio, its rightful place". hmmmm I am all in favour of parliament being broadcast, but not on MY Radio National, thank you all the same!

  3. The other night, I think there was cricket on, the digital local was from Tasmania. It was quite refreshing. The news thing annoys me, spesh when you get to the end of one to hear the end of another pop out from underneath. Sloppy.

  4. Victor, I didn't know about Parliament on News Radio. Makes sense now. I only hear it in my car. Btw, not sure that it will be in Sydney, but within all the ABC digital radio stations, a new one has slipped in with just the frequency 91.5FM. It seems to play all eighties music. Odd how it is between ABC Local and ABC Classic.

    Indeed Hels. To be avoided at all costs.

    Fen, it has been fun over summer guessing where local radio was coming from. You can usually work it out by the phone numbers. Yes, there is a lot of cutting off happening.

    Pardon Madame Grace. Je suis desole.