Friday, February 10, 2012

Pride March 2

Ohh, my kind of lad.

More pro drags.

Melbourne Rainbow Band, a cove of gay dudes who like instruments.

Ambos, sorry, paramedics.

Many religions were in the parade, including the Uniting Church. The Gay Muslims were absent. Perhaps the Jewish religion is more tolerant as there were three Jewish groups. There was a Catholic group too. God save Daniel Mannix.

Before I go on to the next photo, this van had something to do with Shepparton. Our friend who travels the state on business remarked that these sheep or calf models are everywhere in the Shepparton area. I must investigate, but not now.

I think this is the police pipe band. There are police playing pipes, so it must follow.

I knew there was no order to this. Here are the Dykes on Bikes who opened the march.

Crowd shot, I suppose. We were in anticipation.

While I don't think the Mayor of Hobsons Bay to be forever identified as an intersex person, here he is. He looked incredibly happy, abosolutely beaming the whole time.

If you like your guys natural, he was ok.

A gratuitous last photo. Our Pride March is not supposed to compete with Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Just as well. Ours is a community celebration, and I felt I was among community. That is enough community to last me until next year.


  1. Any gay/lesbian tram drivers?

  2. There was a Yarra Trams group marching. I don't know if they were drivers or not. Thinking about it, they were very ungay looking and mostly women.

  3. The Shepparton animals are cows, 'Mooving' art is what they call it and they are dotted all over Shepp. Up until recently my sister was working for Uniting Care.

  4. It looks like it was a fun day. A couple of times I went to the San Francisco Pride Day and it was crazy. It has gotten a little too crazy lately though. Too much drinking, etc.

  5. Great pics. I never made it on the day, my friends who I was meant to go with got stuck elsewhere. So I vegged at home instead.

  6. "My kind of lad"
    Do you mean the guy with the balloons?

    I'm kidding! I'm kidding!
    The bare bodied lad does look good.

  7. Thanks Tony. Innovative idea. It has me talking about them and publicising Shep, a town I rather like. It is the left of field groups, such as that one, that make me appreciate what we have.

    Rubye, even I aware of what happens SF Pride Day. Call me a prude, but I think it goes a bit far in public. However, I don't mind watching videos of it.

    Join us next year Fen.

    River, what looks good in the woodbox may not stoke the fire. The guy with the balloons might have less obvious talents.

  8. So, what's a Rainbow Band without a french horn out front?

  9. What you mean the man holding the balloons???

  10. FruitCake, I don't know the nationality of the leader of the band.

    In the first photo MC.

  11. If community is measured by wave pool crowds, this is MUCH more appealing than Tokyo!! Looks like a fun day!

  12. It's always good Red, except for the weather this year.