Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pride March 1

C'mon Sister. Little Jo hasn't missed a march yet, including when she seven months old. This will be her fifth by my count. Bone Doctor was keen. The day before Sister sent me an sms, looks like being too hot. I kind of agreed with her, it was damn hot, and horribly windy.

We had been out the night before to Mahjong, a Fitzroy Street restaurant and had a lovely time with our dyke friend and two other girls who we know who were down in the big smoke from country South Gippsland. Unusually for our dyke friend, she was not in a drinking mood. She had been up at five o'clock to play golf, and organise the game as well, and she had to drive home.

But the other two lasses were in town and not holding back. So who were we to not join in? Consequently come Sunday we were not at our best and wondered how we could get out of it. No, we had committed. We met five friends and then Sister et al arrived and we had lunch inside at Leo's Spaghetti Bar. Unlike other years, outdoor seating at most venues seemed to be booked.

Just going back to Mahjong for a moment, sitting near us was a guy who for a moment I thought was Rob Palmer from the tv show Better Homes and Gardens. Nah, it wasn't him. I gazed past out to the street. Ha, I am on a roll now. That woman looks like Cathy Freeman. It was, with her partner/husband and baby dining outdoors at Mahjong.

Now the march. Little Jo, Bone Doctor and Sister marched with a gay family group, and then Bone Doctor alone later in another group. Little Jo looked fabulous and enjoyed the attention very much.

I probably should show you photos of all the marvellous community groups who marched, but you know me. There has to be some bois in the photos.

Every year Eltham High School marches in Pride March. It is nice to have their support.

Apart from the start of the march with Dykes on Bikes, this was the closest it got to Mardi Gras if you don't include the drag queens.

MotaFrenz are usually participants.

Worth clicking to enlarge.

I think for the last few years, MacRob Girls School has participated in the march too. Good on your girls.

Did a heap of backpackers decide to join the march? They were quite funny.

Interesting blonde hair and red shirt.


Motorised draggy.

Bent Kranks is a gay cycling group. Clever name.

What was this group? Who cares.

Performing drag queens of the mature variety.

Not so mature really.

No doubt so sci fi inclined person could could tell me who these characters are. I wouldn't have a clue.

Sorry Victor. The gay rugby player group of the variety that forms scrums.


  1. What i'd like to know is why didn't you march?? :-).

  2. Always the observer Windsmoke. We did accidentally march at the first Pride March. We were encouraged to join in any group and so we joined a group of girls and guys who looked attractive. The group turned out to be the Prostitutes Collective. They now march as Sex Workers.

  3. Anonymous6:29 pm

    I think the sci fi group are from Folsom Street Fair, Andrew.

  4. Most of the sci-fi characters are from Star Wars :)

  5. Anon, like in 'Frisco?

    Kath, I really should know.

  6. Star Wars?! Gosh, there are queers everywhere.

  7. I see a young bloke in photo #4 who needs to pull his shorts up!

    It looks like a fun parade, I think those are Jedi Knights in the white costumes. From one of the Star Wars movies.

  8. FruitCake, as was observed on ABC1 on Wednesday night.

    River, I didn't notice that. I should have tapped him on the shoulder and point out to him that his pants were falling down. Jedi Knights hey. Now we are narrowing it down.

  9. Must be rugby 7s, there are insufficient scrummagers for a full rugby or rugby league match.


  10. Thanks Victor, I stand corrected, as my eyes glaze over.

  11. My my, what interesting circles you move in ...