Tuesday, February 07, 2012


FruitCake recently wrote a great childhood reminisce about Porepunkah. I am rather fond of Porepunkah. In the eighties a work mate of R's had a caravan semi permanently parked in the local caravan park. We stayed there a couple of times, the first being on our own and the second with R's late parents when they visited.

When R and I visited on our own, I recall a struggle with the caravan gas water heater. We gave up. It was a cozy caravan with electric heating. We visited Mount Buffalo and there was snow. Back then the Mount Buffalo Chalet was still open and I suppose we had a meal or coffee there.

We went to local pub for a meal one night. I ran into an ex workmate whose father was a minister of religion. We had a drink with him. He was a nice guy, Peter Butters I think. He was as pleased to see us as I was him. I wonder if Peter looks online for his name at all ever?

The river ran along the side of the caravan park, ever so pretty.

As we were to depart Porepunkah, the ignition switch failed on the Humber. I crawled behind the dash and twisted a couple of wires together and got ignition, but not not the starter motor. Fortunately the Humber came with a crank handle. It took quite a bit of cranking, but eventually the beast started. While we stopped once on the way home, we just left the car running.

But too late, the damage was done. I am not a person who has a weak back, but I had hurt my back cranking the car and crawling under the dash in an odd position and then sitting for a couple of hours for the drive home. One or all of the above. Once home, I was couch ridden for a few days while my back healed itself.

The next visit to Porepunkah with R's parents, I remember nothing except taking them in R's quite new Mazda 626, and that is not the one I used to have, but an older one. It was our first car with air con. R's father on the holiday I do remember. He moaned on, as he did for his whole visit to Australia.

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo stayed in the same caravan park a couple of years ago. They stayed in a tent and washed Little Jo's bum in the river. I can't remember whether it is the Ovens or King River and it matters little, I suppose.

Well, I was going to include the brilliant photos I took at the time, but all I can find is one of the caravan, which could have been anywhere in the world, One of R's parents sitting in the van, and one of snow on the roof of my car at Mount Buffalo. Rather a nothing post really without the photos. These day I would have taken a hundred photos, with the hope that a few might be ok.

At the foot of Mount Buffalo, Porepunkah is lesser known than nearby and larger Bright but it really is a delightful little place and you could do worse than spend some time there.


  1. So little Jo's bum has been baptised in the Ovens! An important milestone in anyone's life.
    A Humber Sceptre c 1965?? "No the dart?" asks I, issuing a challenge.

  2. I think she has been washed in few rivers FruitCake, most recently in the sea at Robe a couple of weeks ago. It was a Humber Super Snipe, not a Sceptre, which were ok and preferable to a Vague, sorry Vogue.
    Challenge...something to do with Gee, oh, gee, gee, oh, em, oh.....

  3. I know a couple of people who live permanently in caravans. I couldn't possibly! Where would I keep all my books and dvds? A holiday might be okay in one, but not more than that. I'd be stir-crazy in no time at all.

  4. River, you would be fine. Every possible space in vans are used for storage. You may not be able to peruse your books on a shelf, but you would be able to have them. Dvds take up no space at all. It may well depend on how big the van is too.