Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Overpopulating the workplace

Three new guys started at work this week. Now if 10% of the population is supposed to be gay, then the odds that there would be a gay one among the new recruits are not good. But this must be qualified by my workplace does seem to have a higher proportion of open gays than many work places would and as for the guys who identify as straight but don't mind a bit of men on men action behind their wives back, well in summary, there is a bit of a chance of one of the three being gay.

Well one is, nay two are, wait they all are. The hat trick. All three are gay. Oddly too, all appear to be Anglo Saxon.

One is on the solid side and a bit older, maybe late twenties and not my type. I never picked him as being gay.

Another is short, petite but without being skinny and has what I call 'jacked up hair'. That is, a modern hair style. He is fair and tanned and his clothes sit perfectly on him. He is my type, although while he is perhaps mid to early twenties, he could well go to seed in time if he doesn't watch he eats.

The third is certainly my type. He is tall, lean with a long trunk and long legs, pale clear skin and dark hair also jacked up. He may well be the youngest. The latter two both know how to strike a pose to look their best.

I may even speak to them at some point but at my age, I would have little in common with them except for work and a liking for c....... Still, I will observe them closely. It is always interesting to watch new work chums and how they fit in and find their place at work.


  1. Andrew! Cradle-snatching?? or just wanting to be friends?

  2. River, not even wanting to be friends on a personal level. It is all too much hard work. I'd reckon you would know that from your job. Maybe just good workmates who can entertain me at times, and perhaps who might find me amusing or interesting at times.

  3. I just think that it's brilliant that all three of them are gay and it's clearly no longer a big deal.

    The fact that you write "I would have little in common with them..." as you would for any person younger than you. They're just new work folk, aren't they?

    I must say that my gaydar has failed me a lot in recent years. The current fad for skinny jeans, 'jacked up hair' and scarves makes it impossible to tell. :)

  4. Obviously I don't know the set-up at your workplace but it strikes me that your boss/es have a sense of what works on the floor. As Kath says the gay thing is no longer a bif deal and people don't have to hide.

  5. Ah, pieces of fresh tender meat for you to ogle at :-).

  6. Sounds like a gay bar, the pretty young things on the dance floor and the experienced old queens in the dark recesses.

  7. Ye Kath, just new folk at work. But it is also a bit like the adolescent or later period of the realisation that you are not the only gay in the village. My gaydar seems to be failing a bit too of late. I have to study to separate the trendy straight from the gay.

    Christine, I'd like to think that they weren't selective but there is history, depending on the nationality of the hirer.

    Such an accusation Windsmoke, which may or may not be true.

    Very much so Victor. I am in the very dark recesses.

  8. Well, that's a relief.

  9. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Are you sure they are not replacements for the Older generations? Is there a wif of redundancies in the air Andrew?

  10. River, however cute they may look.

    Anon, dinosaurs like me would go if they offered a settlement. No matter how good I am at my job, the young ones don't answer back and they don't know the history of their boss.

  11. A liking for cake? Oh me too!

  12. Fen, maybe just licking off the icing.