Monday, February 06, 2012

Out for a stroll

As we now have post office across the road, we don't walk down St Kilda Road so often now when we need to buy a stamp. But we did a week or so ago.

These gardens are at the front of the Kingstoun apartment building. Recycled water is used and the gardens and they are gorgeously lush. By the councils and authorities who look after parks, you are allowed to water them now. It is so distressing to see the leaf drop from exotic trees and what was a month ago green lush grass, now turned brown.

We walked past a certain flat block called Kia Ora when one Ms V who now lives in Japan once lived. Have a look at the Art Deco detail just in the doorways.

I went a bit closer, but unfortunately tilted the camera.


  1. The gardens look beautiful regardless of a bit of brown grass. And also what great lines in this art deco door, providing a nice welcome home to the tenants.

  2. Lovely... it gives me some new ideas. I like the door, too.

  3. For some reason on my computer, Andrew your posts move up and down whenever I use the mouse and I can't stop them. I'm forever having to chase the words. It must be a feature of my computer and it only happens with your blog. Strange. Anyhow I could scroll down up and down several times enough to admire these views and to commiserate with you on the speed with which what was once green can turn brown here in Australia.

  4. Rubye, you feel the coolness coming off the garden too.

    For the garden Christine?

    Elisabeth, that was happening to me a couple of weeks ago. I expect it is one of those things that will fix it self. The green to brown was amazingly fast. I wonder if yesterday's effort from the sky will help.

  5. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Ah, Kia Ora. I wonder what today's tennants would think of yester-year's tennants. Before the developers came in and yuppied the place, there was a nice variety in residence - 2 families with kids (mine and one other), older folk with protected leases (remember them?), young professionals and a brothel - the Black and White Dragon. The working girls were very friendly to us kids and always bought Girl Guide cookies. St Kilda Road just isn't the same anymore...V.

  6. ooh gorgeous gardens. Are the trees dropping leaves earlier this year? The plane trees in South Yarra are losing them at an alarming rate.

  7. Kia-Ora used to be a sauce too, or jam or something.....was it cordial? I really can't remember, I'll have to google and see what comes up. The gardens are lovely and I like the doorway too.

    You buy your stamps one at a time??
    I buy mine in books of ten or twenty, so I can send off my puzzle entries.

  8. V, I don't know about protected leases. Must investigate. I didn't know we had them.

    Fen, the trees are clearly stressed.

    Cordial River and maybe jam too. Yes, we buy a book of ten, but going off to buy a single stamp sounded more interesting.