Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Politics

I suppose over time my political opinions have become clear to regular readers and Comrades. I would describe my politics as me being a green voting rusted on Labor voter. I want to vote Labor, but I just can't find the party as I knew it anywhere. I suppose perhaps that I am rusted on to Labor ideals, rather than the modern practical party.

Personally, for my hip pocket vote nowadays, it doesn't matter too much. I am of a generation that has large voting numbers and I like my inner city coffee flavoured pinot gris and my taxes being spent on inner suburban public transport and the kultcha stuffs.

But the essence of me is still there. I am the person who likes their essential services owned by government. A government that places priority on the care of the less fortunate in our world, starting in our country of course. I like Australia to be for Australians, wherever they may have come from. I don't like seeing our country taken advantage of by overseas interests.

I could go on until this becomes an incoherent rant. Instead I urge you to read FruitCake's much better written post. I couldn't fault a thing she said.


  1. I think I'll send Julia and Tony (and maybe Kevin and Malcolm and Bob and Bob) a gift subscription to FruitCake's blog.

    That'll get things sorted!!

  2. Have you made an alternative plan, just in case Abbott crawls in at the next Federal election? I am going to buy a small bolt hole overseas, and live there until he has shown his true colours. I don't know who would be in more trouble with an Abbott government - you a gay man or me a feminist labourite who worked for years in abortion and sterilisation.

  3. You're right Andrew your friend Fruitcake (clearly neither nutty or crazy)is very eloquent in expressing her views on current government practices. I must pop over and visit more often.
    btw the video of the wave pool in Japan..whaaaaat the heck!! that must be one hell of a strong wave machine to cope with the masses and as for phones, mine is one that literally just takes and makes calls and texts and NOTHING else and that's exactly how I like it, technophobe that I am!!

  4. Same here, but substitute U.S. for Australia is all.

  5. The Labour Party of late seems to have gone off the rails and fallen into a black hole. I to wonder what happened to the Labour Party of old, but the alternatives are not much chop either :-).

  6. Don't worry Red. They know it already I reckon.

    Hels, in practical terms we would be ok, I hope, but I fear for others, those with less voice. Abortion is a bit of a sleeping dog at the moment, but no doubt it will get some play nearer to an election.

    PDP, she clearly takes time with her posts, unlike me usually. With less people in the water, the waves would be fearsome. I recall people who held off getting mobile phones and they went on to be some of the heaviest users. Mine is just a toy I carry around to amuse myself really.

    Yes, Rubye, perhaps even worse for you, but what about selling land to overseas investors. I suspect they goes down less well in your country.

    Windsmoke, if you are not inclined to vote green, you really have no where to go.

  7. "essential services owned by the government"

    Do you mean such things as transport and utilities? Then I agree. Before ETSA etc were privatised (sold off for a quick buck)we were much better off. Ditto several other thngs that were sold off for a quick buck....sorry, "privatised". I really hate that word now.
    I couldn't care less about the "kulchas" , I suppose they're a necessary part of our country, just as they are in any other country, but I'm not a cultured person. I do care about infrastructures, forward developments etc, but all I can see from the current government is infighting, backbiting, self preservation above all others.
    It just isn't right, and I have no idea who I'd vote for in an election. Maybe Mickey Mouse?

  8. Exactly what I mean River. The same happened with our electric and many other areas. SA doesn't appear to be doing too badly in the infrastructure area.

  9. I was always labor, but am now Green through and through. Labor now seem too much like Liberal for me these days....

    Oh and not having see or hear anything about Tony Abbott is one of the biggest blessings about moving to Switzerland!

  10. Kath, I guess it started to all go wrong when the ALP started getting donations from big business.