Sunday, February 05, 2012

Just a name

Floods in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Ho hum, what's new. That sounds callous. Of course I know it is awful. What can you do?

I was listening to a radio report about the flooded towns. Two towns were mentioned successively and my ears pricked my up. Flooding in Roma and Mitchell. What? Isn't there a person with those names? I thought more. Dame Roma Mitchell. No, I must have one of the names wrong. Each time I heard the name of the towns mentioned over the day, my brain started working again on who was Dame Roma Mitchell. Eventually I concluded she was a governor of New South Wales. Wrong.

Roma Mitchell was a person who was a first in many positions and she was a South Australian. She was the first woman in Australia to be made a QC (senior lawyer), the first appointed to a Supreme Court (state) and the first woman to appointed a Governor (state), in 1991.

My goodness, look at her gongs. AC, DBE, CVO, QC. I know a couple of these. QC is Queens Counsel, AC is Order of Australia and isn't DBE Dame of the British Empire? How quaint.

But after a good bit of skim reading, I can't see any connection between her and the two adjacent towns under threat of flood flooded.

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  1. of course I just fret about all the flooded livestock and loathe meat eaters even more.

    Look at your map near Roma - 'Muckadilla' - what a great address to have. It won't really be Mucka Dilla til I get there though ...

  2. I'm tempted to suggest that she was conceived midway between the two towns but I guess the similarity of her name and the names of the neighbouring towns is simply coincidence.

  3. thanks for sending me on a search.
    Her grandfather was a big deal too.
    Her full name is
    Roma Flinders Mitchell
    ... and this link describes a totally brilliant woman.

  4. Floods in NSW and Queensland, drought conditions again in Melbourne. At least it's like a drought in my backyard because I can't get the sprinkler system going.

    As for place names, they can be so suggestive, of people and of other places.

  5. Muckadilla, I want to live there! What a funny name.

  6. I don't know much about the northern floods, but I do know about Dame Roma Mitchell. My type of woman!

    30 years ago she created and chaired the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. She helped write affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws, and headed up the Centenary of Women's Suffrage in the 1990s. And as icing on the cake, she was a committed patron of the visual and performing arts.

  7. She was a grand dame!
    Muckadilla, it's almost as good as Carapooee :)

  8. When I lived in Brisbane in the early 70's there was a place called the Dame Roma Mitchell something-or-other. Maybe a library or something....I don't remember anymore what it was.

  9. I noticed it Ann. I had heard of the town.

    Victor, we will never know, but it is a good theory.

    Em Stacks, she was certainly a high achiever, but it seems in a pretty nice way.

    Eisabeth, I am amazed at how things have dried out so quickly. Are spiders blocking up your water jets?

    Fen, there may well be some cheap housing in the area at the moment.

    Hels, I thought I picked everything up about her, but I did miss the arts patronage.

    Jayne, that town is one I don't know.

    River, that's funny, because for some reason I associate her with Queensland. Ah, maybe Roma Street in Brisbane.