Monday, February 27, 2012

Good riddance

Note that I have not bothered to mention the pachyderm in the parlour over the past week or so. What is there to say? Now it is apparently over, I have revised my view of PM Gillard.

To keep with the animal theme, I am a dinosaur and I don't care much for the modern Labor Party and its extreme pro business and at times anti worker agenda. But I must say, I have a new respect for Gillard. I just hope she can keep the momentum going and if I could be so bold as to offer her some advice, talk to the people Julia. Tell us what you have done, what you plan and most importantly why. No doubt your advisers will advise you on how to get re-elected. Take on board there advice, but you don't have to follow it. Do what you think is right. Your people aren't stupid, talk to them, tell them why.

Because the alternative to you being re-elected is the extremely conservative, bible bashing, worker attacking, socially regressive, stuck in the 1950s Abbott is just too horrible to contemplate.

Gawd, can't even take refuge in New Zealand now as their conservative PM is nearly as bad.

Later edit: What I was going to say in this post, is thank god the Abib person has gone. He and his ilk are what is wrong with the Labor Party.


  1. It seems most people are "over" it, whereas I am simply appalled by it.
    The pundits have helped drive holes through both of their claims, leaving them both looking more ridiculous etc than ever.

    What staggers me though, after 3 days of polls saying voters would rather be up to their necks in doo-doo than vote for/trust Mr Rabbit, is we've not yet heard a peep about a liberal spill. Would they seriously believe the bunny can win just because we are over "it"? Would they want to win by default?

    Unfortunately, I doubt she who gets things done can move forward and listen at the same time.
    More seriously, I suspect a wish for business certainty - if not residual pissed-offedness over some of the PM's decisions - will guarantee a liberal victory in the next election.

    Sigh. So spoilt for choices.

  2. Rudd's big moment was saying sorry to the descendants of the indigenous occupants of this continent, but that was easy. he refers to himself in the third person. bit of a worry.
    clinical psychology expertise suggests this is a way of dissociating from trauma and rewriting history.
    Julia is pretty toughs and although she has failed me on several issues, she is preferable to anyone else.

  3. Green. Green all the way.

  4. It'll interesting to see how many more fall on their sword. I agree Julia needs to start talking to the people as she won't be in power after the next election if she doesn't, then we'll have to put up with Mr Rabbit and his merry bunch of cronies :-).

  5. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Julia or Rudd, or Abbott? I really dislike her, but he is a crazy man.

    Don't you long for a statesman like Obama? They don't appreciate him over there.

  6. It's a pity... much talent does not go into politics these days.

  7. FruitCake, do they wonder why we are cynical and don't take them seriously? Do they wonder why we think they are self serving? Do think we are stupid?

    Ann, yes he did the apology well and quite genuinely I thought. But I am afraid I have never liked him. He is far too glib. I think about Julia much as you do.

    Kath, that is how I vote, but I can only steer my preferences in one direction.

    Windsmoke, I reckon a few should, but that could bring down the government and the less time we have Mr Rabbit ruling us, the better.

    Bliss, so true about Obama. Bring him here. I heard today that although the usual political divisions are there, most Americans do like Obama.

    Christine, the have talents alright, but not the ones that are needed to successfully run a country.

  8. So very glad it's over, it was like torture for a few days there!

  9. Media went overboard on it Fen. No wonder we were fed up.

  10. During the nonsense a Labor MP (can't recall who) made an outrageous comment along the lines of 'people will just have to listen to us [so we can sell them our message]' as part of the discussion about what the solution to Labor's abysmal polls was.

    I'm sorry? I think it's time 'the Australian people' told ALL these jokers from ALL sides of politics that no, YOU have to listen to US!

  11. Quite so Red. It is our fault because we are not getting the message that the pollies are telling us.