Monday, January 23, 2012

The visit goes on

The visitors seem to have adjusted to Australian time now. They did go missing in action a few days ago when Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo were staying at the Sebel in Queens Road, due to lack of accommodation at the Highrise. They were up for the tennis. R was going to take them there to show off his treasured Little Jo, but alas, they got 'lost' in the wilds of St Kilda so R met the Bellarine family on his own. They had been upgraded to an executive suite, which is not bad when all they paid was $150 for a lucky dip hotel within a ten kilometre radius of Melbourne. Little Jo spent the night and next day with the Bone Doctor's very un-indulgent parents. Character building for Little Jo, and good for her. Life is not always like you want it to be.

R's sister and her friend stayed in bed until I left for work at 9.30 this morning. They hung around here until mid afternoon, which was not following the plan of them walking to Albert Park Lake, then onto the beach and then catching a tram to either the City or St Kilda. Instead they ended up going to our local pub where we took them the night they arrived.

Did they leave a message for us? A note? No. Well, they didn't know what they were doing. R cooked us a nice meal and they missed out. They came home at 9pm and interrupted our Midsommer Murders. They had a long list of phone numbers of blokes they had met and bars where they were going to meet said blokes tomorrow. Hey, they were all rich. One owned a construction company in Sydney, another, a ranch in Queensland. Do we have ranches in Australia?

Tomorrow morning we are taking them for shopping for groceries. They will probably come because what English person could resist bacon and eggs for breakfast at Mojito's?

Later: Apparently they could resist bacon and eggs and stayed here while we went shopping. In the afternoon we took them to Victoria Market to buy some things to take home as gifts. I have never been to Vic Market on a Saturday, so it was interesting to see and hear the vendors trying to get rid of the fruit and vegetables.

Saturday evening we took them to meet up with friends at a Caulfield hotel where we had a decent meal.

Sunday, we took them up to the hills to Grants Picnic Ground to feed the birds and have Devonshire Tea and then to Mount Dandenong to gaze down upon Melbourne. It was a very pleasant afternoon, even if it was a bit warm. I'll put some photos up in another post. They are now down stairs having a swim and a spa.


  1. It sounds like you are all having a good time and staying quite busy. Summertime in Australia.

  2. Vic Market and devonshire tea in the Dandenongs are great places to take visitors :) So is a day at the Australian Open Tennis. The Tennis Centre was packed to capacity yesterday, inside the courts and out, but worth every penny.

  3. Your guests will go home beaming - full of tales of R & Andrew's Marvellous Melbourne: vodka, devonshire tea, and rich ranchers.
    [Oh, and good towels!]

  4. Had a big chuckle about the bloke who owned Ranches in Australia and the one owning a construction in Sydney sounds like beer talk or delusions of grandeur :-).

  5. Andrew, you and R sound like you are the best hosts ever. If these two are rich, make sure that they repay the favour and shout you a trip to the UK :)

  6. Sadly, if people come to stay with me, they don't get this sort of treatmnet. I don't go out much myself, so don't know where all the good spots to visit are. The most I could do is direct them to the tourism centre.

    Saturdays near closing time are great for picking up bargains at the markets.

  7. Rubye, busy is not the word for it. But I think when I am not busy, I will be dead.

    Hels, see tomorrow's post about yesterday's tennis match. While I am not interested in sport, the occasion sounds great.

    Wrong FruitCake, they are getting the old towels. We are using the new ones. Screw 'em.

    Windmsoke, one of them was 93 and he puckered up for a kiss.........well that is their story.

    Kath, alas they aren't rich. We spoke to the friend's husband on skype two nights ago. Bit of fun.

    C'mon River. There are parts of Adelaide you know well that you could show off. Personally, I like to see where real people live etc.

  8. You sure sound like good hosts. I hope they are appreciating what you are ding for them.

  9. Do you mean R cooked a meal for them and then they didn't show up?

    Were you expecting them to come home?

    I get the idea that you're not overly impressed with the behavior of these guests.

  10. You are being very generous with your time and as for interrupting Midsommer Murders...Inspector Barnaby would not have been pleased.

  11. Diane, I am sure they do appreciate our efforts, as we appreciated R's family's efforts for us when were in the UK.

    Dina, it was an expectation that they would be back in time for dinner, no more than that. They didn't say they would be back and nor did we ask if they would be. It's only a couple of things really, but R's other sister who visited and we took her and her husband to Sydney to be married was very agreeable.

    Victor, we had seen the episode before. I enjoy showing people around and seeing things that I wouldn't bother to see myself.

  12. I'd kill for a swim and a spa dammit!

  13. Fen, they made the mistake of going into the spa first and so did not get into the pool, as it is ten degrees cooler.


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