Friday, January 13, 2012

Train Party

Indians seem quite fond of their public transport. It is very important to the masses. The day before India's national budget is handed down, a separate railway budget is handed down. In recent years huge strides have been made in expanding and modernising the system, improving work practices and fighting against corruption. So it is no surprise that public transport is featured in Bollywood movies.

This clip is from the very successful movie Slum Dog Millionaire. It is set in what appears to be a tram depot.

This one is from the movie Dil Se and features dancing on the train roof of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway that connects the town of Mettupalayam at the foot of Nilgiri Mountains with the old Raj hill station town of Ootacamund.


  1. I saw slum dog and really enjoyed it. The other one looks good too. We love train travel but I wouldn't try it on one of those. I'm sure it wouldn't be as clean as it all looks in the clip.

  2. What is it with Bollywood? I love it.
    Slum Dog Millionaire was a great movie!

  3. Hello Andrew:
    We thought that Slum Dog Millionaire was such a clever film but found the violence [probably very realistically portrayed] disturbing. The final scene on the railway platform we found to be just perfect, pure Bollywood!!

  4. Quite hypnotising - and the second clip is hair raising too.

  5. I have been around central India on trains which were reliably on time, clean and well fitted out. Most tourists would want to book first class tickets, not to be snobbish, but to avoid the over-crowding.

    By the way, I found the over-crowding on the platforms FAR more confronting than the train rides - which were uneventful. And there was no music :)

  6. It had never occurred to me that railways would be important in India [though now it's so obviously I feel a bit of a dill].
    An illuminating and very entertaining post!

  7. Yes Diane. India is not known for cleanliness. I am a little concerned about occupation health and safety matters about dancing on the roof of a train.

    Rubye, I've not seen the movie. Another one I missed that I will add to retirement time.

    Victor, mesmerising is not always good is it? Car crashes can be mesmerising.

    Hels, Japanese train platforms are so well organised. It is quite stress free. So I hear what you are saying. Of course yes first class, for Westerners travelling on Indian trains. Leave economy to brave backpackers. Gee, you are well travelled.

    FruitCake, millions travel by trains in India, and they just work. Even more impressive is the tiffin network in large cities. I will write about that at some point.

  8. JayLa, I haven't seen the movie, but I imagine it is quite confronting.

  9. Love SDM and have yet to venture into India. As Hels said, it'd have to be first class or we'd end up hanging over the sides!

  10. I've not seen Slumdog, despite being a closet Bolly watcher. I love Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! In fact, almost anything with Shahrukh Khan in it! Sshhh.

  11. So, every other man, his dog and country celebrates rail networks except this little pisspot in the middle of the ocean?

  12. Yep Kath, the only way to travel there.

    He is good Fen. Very nice when he was younger, but not too bad even now.

    It will happen Jayne, just perhaps not in our life time.