Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Towels & Family

I am not finished on towels yet. I washed both sets before use. The blue set went into the dryer straight from the washing machine. The grey set went onto the clothes horse and had ten minutes in the dryer before they were put away. The blue set did not fluff everywhere. The grey set has. The grey set will need another wash and a full drying in the clothes dryer to get rid of the fluff, it would seem. When I am saying fluff, I am saying a lot of fluff.

R's sister and her friend are supposed to arrive on Saturday. We know because she told us. She told us she is coming on Qantas. R said to her, once you know, send your flight details for us to pick you up. Has she? No. I checked Qantas website and they will either arrive at 6.50 or 7.40 or something like that. Are they really coming? We have no confidence that they will. They will impose themselves on us for two weeks yet we don't have the the details of their arrival or even know that they are coming for sure. Regardless, we assume they are coming and have made the appropriate preparations. I am sick of cleaning.

Sister and Bone Doctor are going to a Spicks and Specks thing at Jeff's Shed tomorrow night and staying. R was going to cook for them, but apparently Little Jo wants pizza, so pizza it will be from across the road.

Ex Sis in Law and her daughter Chain Saw Niece called in on R today while I was at work. Apparently Sis in Law is fed up with work and she and her new husband are looking to buy a country store, come cafe, come bakery, come pizza place, come post office, come newsagent. I like what they are looking at. I have long wanted to visit the area and we will have free accommodation.

Chainsaw Niece has a boyfriend, of Islander extraction. She went to church with him to be supporting. R asked, what sort of church? Dunno, she replied. It was just a church. R questioned further. Apparently Mormon. He is not allowed to have a tattoo and cannot drink. He has one and does the other. He pays a bomb to relatives to sleep on their floor in Dandenong. He is moving into Sis in Law's house tomorrow. I suppose I can assume that he and Chainsaw Niece are doing it. Lordy, she is so young. Ah, well, no, she is now 19 I think. I recall putting her back view photo on my blog when she was 15. She has always been fond of her Gay Uncles, even when she was very young.

Oldest niece who recently bought a house with her partner of a five years now may well be separating from him. Opposites don't always attract, although they seemed to for five years or so. When oldest niece went to Sister's christmas day celebration on her own, R called it. I hate to say it, but he was right.

Care to pour me a large glass of something deadening?

PS. I was about to hit publish and the phone rang. The display indicated an overseas call. God, they are arriving Monday morning.


  1. AAARRRGGGHHH!! The simultaneous anticipation/terror of a relative visit ...

    Does this mean the grey towels are now the same height as the old ones in the cupboard?!?!

  2. hide yourself and give another to everybody who visit

  3. All this talk of visitors and revolving doors has me grinding my teeth. I've decided the best thing would be to turn the spare room into a linen cupboard. The linen cupboard will have hundreds of spare towels we don't need - all neatly folded in colour co-ordinated sets, and regularly rotated to ensure even wear.

  4. I hope your guests are less annoying as guests than they are as pre-guests.

    Good luck to you.

    As for nieces...they grow up so fast. Before we know it, Little Jo is going to be a teenager too.

  5. Best of luck with your visitors i think you might need a lot of it. I laughed at the nick name Chainsaw Niece is there a reason why? :-).

  6. Red, I think we are losing half of them in the clothes dryer.

    Hiding is a good idea Bali.

    FruitCake, what a good idea. We really should have bought a two bedroom place. Having a spare bedroom only encourages them.

    Dina, they will be fine once they are here. We get on well with R's family. Hard to believe Little Jo is now four and half.

    Windsmoke, to be kind, she doesn't have great powers of concentration. So all were quite concerned when she earned a chainsaw operators certificate. She has since learnt to drive too, and doesn't do a bad job of that either.

  7. Sis-in-law wants to buy a country store/cafe/bakery/pizza place/PO/newsagent? I don't imagine there's too many of those left in the country, the whole country, so many have closed. I remember when our little Four Square store around the block had a corner with banking/post office facilities, before we moved away from there that section had closed. A few years later the whole store closed. Too many people were now shopping at the big new supermarkets/malls.

  8. River, it is a small town with only a cafe and pub I think, plus what Sis in Law is looking at. It is famous for its on the premises made pies and bread. Sis in Law can do both. At a guess, it might forty minutes drive to the nearest supermarket.

  9. Visitors that stay over scare me. I have one arriving next week.
    Good luck :)

  10. Your sister Fen? It will be all good.

  11. Yep my sister, so it will be okay, plus I'm away for the first 3 days, so she'll be settled by the time I return!