Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the hills

Last Sunday we started at Grants Picnic Ground. It was very busy with people barbecuing. The rosellas have been driven away by the cockatoos, it would seem. There was only one rosella, hanging back in a tree. Others had the cockies on their arms, but I find they scratch my tender young skin.

I seldom drink tea, but coffee does not go with scones like tea does, so a fine pot of tea each with our scones.

I heard a slight laugh in the trees. More half a laugh. Yep, there is the culprit, a kookaburra. They apparently like eating snakes and lizards, which they kill by carrying them up into a tree and dropping them, repeating until the reptile is dead. We have seem them do it with a sausage off a barbecue.

Onto Mount Dandenong, which is absolutely wonderful now. The five dollar entry charge keeps the hoards away a bit, thankfully. Every other park was so crowded. We have given up on barbecues in parks in the hill and surrounds. They are always too crowded now.

This pole has Australian animals and an Aborigine carved into it.

This world globe has figures linking hands on its circumference. It sits on pumped water and with some effort, you can get it turning and its momentum keeps it going for some time.

This is or was a tv broadcast tower. Now, I don't know if they are still used. At the base of one on a building looked to be an old sign, perhaps Channel 9. The elm tree was just glorious.


  1. I've never given it any thought, but you're right. Coffee does not go with scones.
    I love the totem pole and that globe with the linked hands. Did you get it spinning?

    As for the cockies hurting your tender young skin, the solution there is a pair of Falconry gloves. Problem solved. although picking up scones and teacups might pose a difficulty.

    difficulty= Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FFI, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs LTY.

    What movie is this from? No prizes for the answer.

  2. Michael, they are fun birds, until they start destroying your timber house.

    River, it would be very hard to extend my little finger for tea drinking with falconry gloves on. That movie quote kind of rings a bell, but I don't know. Someone will.

  3. What a lovely place. I particularly like the totem pole. Cockys are enterprising, I think. And very intelligent too. Is it bad manners to take falconry gloves off when one is eating and drinking?

  4. The totem pole reminds me of a phallic symbol and goes very well with tea and scones, don't mind me its just my bizarre mind at work again :-).

  5. I wonder if smart young children, with their ipads and computers and wii games, still love driving into the Dandenongs for a day in the country. Silly them, if they don't experience the same fun you adults had.

  6. We used to get 20+ cockies at my house when I was growing up. If there was no food out they would resort to ripping the wooden frames of the windows and doors. We had to actively discourage them, the little buggers.

    I must go up to the paid area some day, it's not that far from Dad's house and I'd like to do some photos from there if it's clear enough.

  7. Andrew, you keep giving me ideas!

    So many great days out, so few days available. Sounds like you had a good time.

  8. Christine, one day we came home to find our balcony plants in a shambles and a smashed pot. Cockies were not my favourite bird that day. I expect River is right. Impossible to take tea with the falconry gloves on.

    Hels, up to a certain age I think they would be. But once the hormones kick in.......

    Fen, I think they prefer Western Red Cedar boards, but any softwood will do. I have never been to Mount Dandy when it has been clear. If it is, you could see our place.

    FruitCake, it was ok. I have been to both places more than once. I would get equal pleasure from walking our local streets looking at houses, or taking the Stony Point train.

  9. I'm a little jealous. Scones and parrots...that's like my fantasy outing.

  10. I don't care. Coffee and scones works for me!! I guess it's OK if I have non-traditional jam - melon/lemon/ginger is my personal fave ...

  11. Dina, it would have been a perfect day if it was just five degrees cooler.

    No Red, it is not alright to have those odd jams. Strawberry only I am afraid.


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