Thursday, January 12, 2012

That's telling the old bag

God, did one of the girl tennis players try to jump her bones when she was younger? I bet there are a few dyke tennis players of the time wonder why Margaret Court is like the way she is.

You couldn't get a much stronger response from an organisation like Tennis Australia than this. Well done them.

Story at The Age here.


  1. Love Chunks is currently in the middle of a FB 'discussion' with a 'friend' who agrees with her..... I can't see that 'friend' staying so for very long.

    All I can say is, if Margaret Court wants free speech, then we're all free to let her know what a mental pygmy she is.

  2. I don't mind that people have a problem with the idea of gay marriage. Democracy requires a little tolerance of people who think differently.

    However I do mind people using negative and emotive language to label others as inferior [unless I'm the one doing the labelling].

    AND I'm totally over all the Christians as martyrs to political correctness bullshit.

  3. "I said 'Martina, God loves you but a wrong does not make a right ... Don't try to change me.'"

    But, of course it's OK for Margaret Court to want to change others.

    There are few people as intolerant and as blinkered as those for whom religion determines everything.

  4. There are few people as intolerant and as blinkered as those for whom religion determines everything.

    Well said Victor, you summed it up perfectly.

    I seemed to miss what MC said, so glad you linked the article so I could read it for myself.

  5. MC, Australia's own Anita Bryant wot we don't want or need!.

  6. braddles4:48 pm

    she is entitled to her opinion. bullying her or shouting louder doesnt change the fact that people out there dont agree with gay marraige including me

  7. I don't see any sign of bullying or shouting louder here and I guess braddles won't be accepting my proposal to walk down the aisle.

  8. Kath, unlike my usual flippant self, I have looked quite carefully at what she said and the religion she is involved in. I don't like.

    FruitCake, she just practice her weird religion and not comment on matters that don't affect her.

    Victor, as LS said, very well put.

    Fen, I really think something must have happened that damaged her.

    Thanks for your opinion Braddles. I welcome all views. But I am not an honoured person of status in the community where I have much responsibility for I say. It is one thing to not agree, another entirely to agitate against.

    LS, I have seen that there are the remains of a fine woman who you are associated with. Best stick with your original walk down the aisle.

  9. Jayne, the lady doth protest too much.