Saturday, January 07, 2012

Stupid women

Men are known to be stupid but many women are quite stupid too. They behave so under the pretence of impressing men, but I think really they do it to impress other woman. Surely men are not so impressed by breast implants and absurdly high heels.

While I don't know much about breasts, I know my woman readers would not indulge in such nonsense as breast implants. Some 28,000 French woman have had breast implants, the implants being supplied by just one manufacturer and the implants may well be faulty and have to be removed. I can therefore assume considerably more than 28,000 French woman have had breast implants unless one maker has the market wrapped up. Why? Breast reduction surgery I can understand. Where is the bloke who would reject a woman because she has small tits? I might wear it if they were miss-shapen or as corrective after surgery.

Apparently most men do care a great deal about women's breasts and are probably impressed by a firm and shapely pair, but really, are men so shallow that they would pursue a relationship with a woman because of her huge pair of firm knockers? Maybe I am overestimating those of my gender but I don't think so. An Asian workmate told me that in his country small breasts are preferred by men as they stand up better, (ok, it is a pun) to the ravages of ageing.

New Year's Eve from where we sat, we watched a constant parade of passing men of all colours and creeds. It was enough to get one rather hot and bothered. Yet, I did observe some women too. Usually they were quite young and often wore very high heels. A few had given up and carried theirs but some continued on to walk very inelegantly in their absurdly high heels. Again, why? Are men impressed by woman staggering around on silly shoes? Again, I don't think so.

I am quite convinced that woman are doing these things to impress each other, rather than attract men. They think they look great, but if your breasts are too big or too firm or you can't walk properly in your shoes, I don't think men are so impressed, well for no more than their usual attention span of two minutes.


  1. I agree with you. I have no idea why women have implantsthat make their breasts look totally out of proportion the the rest of their body. Think of Dolly Parton who had breast enlargements several times. She thought she looked beautiful, but with the rest of her body being so tiny, (she had no bum to speak of), Dolly just looked very unbalanced. The same with other women, who don't go to such extremes, their bodies look unbalanced and the strain on the back and neck muscles must be enormous.
    High heels? Raising the heel tends to have the effect of more toned and shapely calf muscles, so the legs do look better and this is one reason why women wear them to impress men. But the ridiculous heights of some heels out there are near impossible to walk in properly, I've seen many whose ankles almost turn at every step because there is not enough support under the heel of the foot. Tottering around like that isn't pretty no matter how toned your calves look and if the woman has had a few drinks, well they do look very ungraceful. Also, having the heels too high alters your centre of gravity, so walking in them takes a fair bit of practise if you want to stride along gracefully without breaking an ankle.

  2. Boobs are boobs and should be left the way nature intended them to be. Some blokes reckon that more than a hand full of boob is a waste :-).

  3. I agree with you but can't help wondering whether on the question of women's breasts ours is a gay man's view and that a straight man's view is rather different. Is a fascination with the size of women's breasts the straight man's equivalent of a gay man's size queen?

    Gay men also have an unhealthy focus on appearances in my opinion especially in their younger days.

  4. Oh there is no doubt about it. Women have their chests cut open mainly with the hope of pleasing other women. However, I don't think any would ever admit that. The men who want women to have big boobs do so solely with the hope of asserting their masculinity by showing others how they were able to capture such a, as you say, stupid woman.
    It is indeed a very sad thing women do to themselves in order to have large mammary glands.

  5. "I don't think men are so impressed, well for no more than their usual attention span of two minutes".

    That may well be true, but we still have to ask what men attend to in the first two minutes - a woman's intellect? her career prospects? her sporting successes? her publications? If time is limited (and 2 minutes is VERY limited), I imagine they would go for boobs.

    Before my older son was married, I asked him what he was looking for in a wife. He said, in order, a pretty face, luscious boobs and a PhD.

  6. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Again you choose something topical in my life - we must be on the same wavelength! I'm currently reading Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman and while I agree with most of what she says, it also makes me really angry because none of what she says is new and yet women still follow these trends like sheep! Patriachy may have been the cause, several thousand years ago, but feminism has been around a while now and women still choose to get boob jobs, wear high heels, follow unreasonable fashion trends - both body- and clothes-wise, use their sexuality as a means of getting what they want, etc., etc. I don't understand my own sex! How can they be so stupid? If all women just stopped trying to be other than who they are, society would change. It might take a bit of time and effort but things don't have to be as they are in this day and age!!! We are our own worst enemy. If you want respect, you need to respect yourself first. V.

  7. Boob implants are revolting, the amount of 'corrective' surgery - and the price tags - we saw just for some trophy wife to get an uplift was indecent.
    Same with high heels, the surgery needed to repair the damaged tendons is a bread and butter job.
    Want an 'uplifting' experience?
    Donate the time and money spent on these surgeries to a charity.
    The benefits last longer.

  8. Agree with you absolutely and having a bloke who actually fell for me when I'd returned from two years in the UK and was:
    * penniless
    * clueless as to my future career
    * two stone overweight

    .....he's given me an insight into the wiser/kinder/smarter male mind. Yes, they have eyes and he can appreciate Gloria from Modern Family as he watches her. But in reality, he's admitted that he'd hate a partner who spent hours painting on her face, putting false fingernails on and tottering around in high heels.

    He's also commented on how skinny and unattractive he finds the so-called A-lister stars. Angelina Jolie is a huge example.

    Still, we all make stupid fashion mistakes when we're young and more inclined to be sheep and fashion victims as we find our our feet (pun intended) and eventually work out that we can comfortable and be ourselves. Eventually.

  9. Initially I think I rejected the whole make up thing because some of the "older" women I worked with were absolute bitches. The touch up the make-up obsession was just an excuse for taking an extra 10 minutes of paid time in the Ladies' Loo before lunch and clocking off. No wonder equal pay was a long time coming.
    Or... maybe I just set my standards low so I couldn't fail to meet them.

    Breast implants, pecs implants, penile enhancements, booty boosters... and a whole culture of self-mutilation based on air-brushed pictures of overpaid sell-air-bities. Go figure.
    If only Milton Friedman were still around to remind us of the perfect results we get when we let free markets do their thing.

  10. Can you imagine, if 28,000 French women have had breast implants, how many must there be in the USA, millions. Love Windsmoke's comment about the handfull being enough!! I'm thinking it's surely going to take more than a pair of 'too firm' hooters to keep a man interested long term so yes I'll totally agree with you on this one, but as far as the high heels go..what about men strutting about in those teensy weensy shorts,with bits so close to hanging out you want to yell 'put the mouse back in the house' at them, come on that's never a good thing, I could go on but the list is substantial haha!! Hope your having fun with your weekend Andrew..

  11. You can blame American porn for a lot of this, men want their women to look like porn stars and sadly, women have complied.
    I recently worked with an online trainer to get in better physical shape, she happens to be a 'fitness model' and has a set of very large implants on her trim and fit body. The whole fitness industry has been inundated with fake boobs, you will be hard pressed to find one woman in the industry of fitness training without a set of overly round, huge melons attached to her fake tanned body! wow, now I feel depressed....

  12. River, I saw a lass last night with red high heels. The shoes looked fantastic and they weren't stupidly high. She walked elegantly in them and she wouldn't have been much over eighteen. I like high heels. I just don't like silly high heels.

    Windsmoke, I bow to your expertise in the matter.

    Victor, as you know, men's size is a superficial attraction and has little to do with experience or whether you connect, so I suppose it is similar. Except guys generally don't go and have their meat size enhanced.

    Rubye, I didn't think of that, but yes, a trophy.

    Hels, at least he didn't say massive boobs. He has an eye on the future too with his educational requirements.

    You said it V, I didn't. You can take the blame. There is nothing wrong with making yourself attractive to the opposite or same sex. It is the silly extremes I am against. Half the female population are independent thinkers but there is a percentage who act in a very old fashioned manner, to the point that the undo the work that women have already done.

    Hear hear Jayne. The thing is women don't need to any of this to be attractive to men or whoever.

    Kath, even I think Gloria is hot. You have illustrated my point. It is superficial thing for men. As we say about Sydney, great for a holiday, but I wouldn't want to live there.

    FruitCake, free markets is an interesting way to think about it. You must also know women who are attractive without the frippery who didn't spend that time in the loo preening but just got on with their job.

    PDP, men's short shorts was years ago. You don't really see that now. The 28000 figure in France astonished me. I wonder what the figure is for Australia?

    Hi Affirmed. It was all around long before porn, but I agree, porn hasn't helped. My mind has an image of a typical female trainer, so yes, mine matches yours. Men might like the image of porn star women, but I think they know really that it is an unreal expectation. As to the kind of sex in porn and how unrelated to real life that is, is a whole different area.

  13. The only time I think breast implants may be warranted, well okay, 2 examples: A girl I know who had a double mastectomy due to cancer & had falsies put in afterwards. But they're not ridiculously big, they're around the same size as she had before. And women who have one breast that is disproportionately larger than the other, I've seen it and it makes a womans/girls life a misery.

    I've always said that such cosmetic surgery is so new that we're bound to find out down the track that all is not as it seems. And voila.

    I can't wear high heels and I don't mind. I'd probably look like a gazelle at birth, wobbling about. Some women look ridiculous trying to walk in heels!!

  14. Fen, I get both of those reasons. That is fine. Just made me wonder what happens when women get really old and they have implants.

  15. Ha ha they look silly with everything else sagging 'cept for their boobs!

  16. Hehe Fen. It is a visual image I did not really want to imagine, male or female really.