Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stay in Florida. Cheap digs.

Another fine photo from It is the Tampa Bay Hotel in Florida in 1902. It is a big photo and if you click it, you will see the fine detail. I do love restrained architecture. Can you imagine staying there, the interior, the uniformed staff tending to your ever want. I was made for such a life. Pity it didn't happen.


  1. Andrew, you still can go there! It's not a hotel anymore, it closed in 1930, but you can learn things as it is Tampa Bay University now.
    check this, at has to do with railroads:

  2. With your genes, if you had been born then you'd be a goldminer. Bendigo or California- take your pick- but Florida would have been off your radar. Unless you found the gold of course, and remembered where you actually buried it...

  3. It's nice that wealthy people sometimes spend their money making something that gives them pleasure [other than making more money].

    If the building was not useful, it might look like an overgrown folly.
    I would love to have holidayed there during its heyday [but might have struggled to maintain an appropriate upper crust air of ennui].

  4. Amazing Peter. I never thought to look at what it is today. Thanks so much.

    KN, Florida weather and me would not agree ever. I would have bolted back to old Blighty.

    FruitCake, the thing with being Australian is that they don't expect ennui from us, and so we are a surprise to them.

  5. Ho hum.

    Is that sufficient ennui for FruitCake?


  6. More than enough Victor.


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