Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sent to Coventry, well Sydney

Last night and tonight we are guest less. Earlier in the week at their request I booked them flights and accommodation in Sydney. They were about to go out and I asked if they wanted to hang around while I made the bookings, but no, you do it Andrew, and they left me with a credit card.

It took quite some time, but eventually I got them a good flight to Sydney and a less than ideal flight back tomorrow. We will pick them up at the airport tomorrow.

I wasn't keen on making the booking on my own. I would have liked to ask and check if things are ok as I found what was available. As it was I did not know which last name to use for R's sister. It could have been any of three, and naturally I chose the wrong one. Fortunately she has a driving licence in that name, so that will do for id at the airport for a domestic flight. I couldn't book the accommodation as the Barclay card want some extra verification numbers. I thought the booking might get taken, but no it was still available that evening. They took and Jetstar flight up and will catch a Virgin flight back and stay at the City Travelodge.

I should have gone through the paper work. Apparently they should have printed boarding passes, or so the emails said that arrived an hour before they caught a taxi to the airport. As we haven't heard otherwise, we assume they got away ok. Really though, they ought to check their own paperwork.

They will only have one full day and R's sister's friend wanted to see the Opera House and the Bridge, so I suggested a trip to Manly on the ferry whereby you get a good view of both and Manly is a nice place for lunch and a wander. I printed out a google map showing them where their hotel is and Museum Station to catch a train to the Quay. I expect they will get a cab, if they get their act together and go.


  1. Crikey - first, they're very trusting to let you do the bookings - not that you're evil or anything Andrew but as you said, there're preferences, different surnames, extra pin numbers....

    Secondly, Sydney in one day....?

  2. I remember when I booked my flight to Sydney. I'd never done anything like that online before, so I read everything through first, then when I'd booked I was offered an option to print my own boarding passes for both ends of the trip, so I did. I felt quite ridiculously proud of myself!
    They won't see much of Sydney in one day!

  3. I can't imagine flying to Sydney for one day.

    Do they do that a lot...take short trips like that?

  4. Very accommodating of you and a big responsibility. We took a cruise from Sydney to NZ last year and spent one day in the city. It rained, but we enjoyed a quick wander around the harbour very much.

  5. I hate to say it but if everything goes belly up they'll come back and blame you, fingers crossed it doesn't :-).

  6. I think getting you to make the bookings was a bit unfair on you. Anyway for your/their trouble they were in Sydney on an appalling day (it poured rain most of the day).

  7. Yep Kath. I continue to learn lessons in life.

    I remember your trip well River. The friend just wanted to see the Bridge and Opera House. R's sister has seen it before. They are not great ones for seeing things.

    Dina, the friend thought it might be her only ever trip to Australia, so she wanted to tick those two things off her list.

    Bliss, Sydney is good like that. It is easy to see a couple of basics.

    Hope not Windsmoke. I think it will be ok.

    Oh dear Victor. I knew the weather wasn't going to be great, but that sounds un-nice.

  8. re boarding-pass printing: however do people without printers TRAVEL BY AIR?

  9. Ann, I've been noticing of late that it is getting harder and harder to survive if you don't have a net connection. Quite predictable really.

  10. LOL did they want you to pack their bags too ;)
    I hope they enjoy their brief Sydney visit.

  11. Fen, off in an hour or so to pick them up.

  12. @Ann O'Dyne; you can still pick up the boarding passes from the booking office at the airport.


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