Friday, January 06, 2012

Rong speling

Lord Sedgwick's media mate Declan (possibly a proof reader), has taken a summer job programming electronic road signs around Melbourne.

Some road works are happening in, well I am not sure. The electronic sign tells me the works are between Queens Parade and Chaple Street.

It wasn't until I saw witches hats today that I was sure the works were between the beginning of Queens Way and Chapel Street.

I am not particularly pedantic, but I would have thought those who programme electronic road signs would be generally of a pedantic nature.

I am reminded of one of Mother's garage sales when I wrote a sign 'More items in hear'. Sister was horrified. I explained, a browser will want to tell you that your spelling is wrong. You are now engaged in conversation with them and a step closer to selling something to them.

But I fail to see a motive for putting up incorrect spelling and street names on an electronic road sign.


  1. Similar indicators in Sydney were too small for aboriginal street names that were announced as closed for New Years Eve leading to some fascinating corrupted name displays.

  2. I fail to see the problem with the spelling on the electronic sign. Looks like some part of the message is missing to :-).

  3. Perhaps the person who programmed that message was dyslexic?

  4. I don't think good spelling is pedantry - I think it is an issue of basic good manners and clarity. On road signs, as in blogs and undergraduate essays.

    Chapel, not Chaple!

  5. The Chapple brothers, Ian, Greg and Trevor wood be dismaid at that spelling.

    Just not cricket!

  6. I agree with your sister about the "hear". There are other ways of starting a conversation with browsers.

  7. Victor, it is probably politically incorrect to snigger, but I am.

    Windsmoke, there were four separate screen displays. I showed only two. Chapel was wrongly spelt and there is not such road as Queens Parade in St Kilda. It is Queens Way.

    Michael, so that is the person you would hire to programme the signs?

    Hels, you would know the latter and no doubt could write a long piece on our education system, but I don't like the idea of a lack of education preventing people from writing. I'd rather see them have a go. However, you would not employ bad spellers to programme signs.

    LS, I remember the Chaplles. That was back in the good old days of the gentlemen game. Underarm not withstanding.

  8. River, in retrospect, I wish I hadn't done it. The theory was good, but no one seemed to notice. Where Mother lives is not an area of high education.

  9. By the time my brian registers their is a sign to read, I've usually past it and have know idea what it said anyway.

  10. FruitCake, the one I am showing with four screens takes many passes to read and absorb.

  11. I'm so glad you took a photo of this. I drove past on NYE and had a good chuckle. There was another recently where alcohol was spelt alcahol. FAIL!

  12. It is weird Fen. It is so easy to check spellings, even on your phone.


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