Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Sydney Photos

Sydney's magnificent Chinese Friendship Gardens, a gift to Australia by China for Australia's bi-centennial in 1988. I think I took the photo in about 1991. They are, or certainly were, very beautiful.

I took this photo at Bondi Beach I think in the early 1980s. If it was 2012, it would have been on You Tube in five minutes flat. The situation is a little puzzling. Had the mini bus reversed over the edge, it would much more understandable. I often don't mind public art on buildings etc, but gee that wall is ugly.


  1. Great photos and a study in contrasts: beauty and ugliness, alongside planning and misadventure.

  2. Sapphire is here with me and said, "Oh pretty!" at the first one.

    And you're right about the second... how the hell did that happen?

  3. I went to the gardens in May 2009 and they were still very nice then.

    Did someone forget the handbrake?

  4. The 2nd photo is a classic because that's where you end up when you follow your unreliable G.P.S. gizmo :-).

  5. You wonder how the bus could end up in that position, Andrew. Well, I can understand because I did the same thing in my car about 30 years ago.

    I was entering an unfamiliar squash centre and went to drive down a side lane which I presumed led to a car park only to find there was a blind drop between the forecourt and that lane. The drop was not as deep as in your pic nonetheless I ended up with my front wheels over the ledge too.

    My fellow squash players, already on court, had to interrupt their game to come out and lift my car back on to the forecourt.

    Boy was I embarrassed.

  6. At a Sydney conference one year, the organisers took the visitors to the Chinese Friendship Gardens and to the Japanese Gardens and Teahouse. I had forgotten what a really lovely surprise they were.

  7. Elizabeth, it is a contrast for sure.

    The gardens a very beautiful Kath, especially when the azaleas are in bloom.

    Ben, it may have been a forgotten brake.

    Windsmoke, don't we read in glee at people's misadventures with the gps devices.

    Victor, I can imagine I would have just run away and called a tow truck. But for the van, the driver sits up high and it is such a steep drop, well, maybe it was the parking brake.

    Hels, I don't know about the Japanese Gardens in Sydney, so I will make sure it on my list for our next visit.

  8. I thought the bus was fake at first!

  9. All my work Dina. I have come to realise that the photo was probably taken in the early nineties, not eighties.


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