Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I like to bring this subject up every so often, and with a new blog comment on a old post, and a post by Julie at Sydney-Eye, the time is ripe.

Briefly, Juanita was murdered by persons unknown solely because she agitated against inappropriate property development in Sydney's Kings Cross and Potts Point and perhaps more importantly, it is suggested she was about to expose corruption in NSW. Maybe her death wasn't in vain, as the developments were stopped by Jack Munday and the Builders Labourers Federation's Green Bans.

Whatever the real reason she was murdered, it was somewhat of mistake to take the life of an heiress to the Mark Foy's empire.

This actually the fourth post I have made about Juanita. I doubt those involved will ever be named or charged until after all the parties, that is politicians, police and developers are dead. Everyone knew how crook the system was in NSW and very few did anything. (this one has the latest of Barry Ward's comments and links)


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We really know nothing of this case but it has got us thinking about the countless others across the world who may have been in similar situations to Juanita. And who, we wonder, is stating their cases? Are the lives of ordinary people so expendable in the wake of big business?

  2. It often seems to be the way of the world anymore that when someone stands in the way of big money that they are suddenly murdered, or disappear.

  3. Thanks Andrew - we need to remember those who, like Neilsen, pay the price for standing up for their beliefs.

  4. Oh my stars... was it that long ago?
    I'm sure I saw a movie about it. And possibly didn't get too involved in the story because NSW, like Qld, was another country, then.
    Occasionally, truths like the one in this story are thrown around casually by people I'm inclined to trust...
    It happens.

  5. 1, your 2nd or 3rd link is kaput.

    2. Barry Ward says 'silent conspiracy' and I just want to add that there are more of those than most people realise.
    She did not die in vain - the lovely historic street is her memorial - and god bless UNIONS.

  6. JayLa, no doubt it is a very long list, especially in third world countries but as you can see, first world countries aren't immune.

    Rubye, I'd like to think that no one would get away such a thing now, but I have no confidence.

    Displaced, it needs to be kept in people's memories so that eventually the whole sordid story will come out.

    FuritCake, there was one with Judy Davis in it. The name doesn't come immediately to mind. Winter of our Dreams?

    Ann, fixed it. Normally I check links. The one time I didn't...
    Don't scare me about silent conspiracies. It is a nice street, lined with huge plane trees.


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