Friday, January 27, 2012

Nice work Jetstar

Unbeknownst to us, R's sister and and her friend spent five hours at Melbourne airport after their Jetstar flight to Sydney was cancelled. I suspect the flight was cancelled because of insufficient numbers. It is Andrew's fault. We wanted to go Qantas.

Upon arrival at Sydney airport they caught a taxi to their hotel. The taxi gave them a Cook's Tour and charged accordingly, about 30% more. Andrew said taxis in Sydney are really good.

It rained and it rained. Andrew said Sydney weather is lovely.

They went for a drink to the pub opposite the Travelodge. A old guy tried it on with them. He was more successful with another lass. They observed him crossing the road with her to the hotel where they were staying. Andrew has put us up in a knocking shop.

Lasses, did you have a nice view from your hotel? No Andrew, we had a view of the pub across the road.

They et in Chinatown. Andrew, that takeaway Asian food we had at your place was so nice, we thought we would try some in Sydney. It was awful. It is your fault.

Andrew said how sparkling blue the harbour will be. It isn't.

Yep, it is all my fault. All a joke of course.

As Victor pointed out in a comment, the full day they were there it just rained and rained. They did go on the ferry but came straight back. A couple of nice young men bought them vodkas in the hotel opposite where they were staying. They also had fish and chips, which were lousy too. At least the hotel room was good.

We collected them from the airport at about 5pm and immediately they were back here, they wrapped themselves up, still not rid of the Sydney damp.


  1. Maybe they don't like it, but let them take care of their own travel plans. They only can blame themselves.

  2. Andrew
    I blame you too!
    My sister in law from Sydney is with us in Melbourne, and isn't happy here. I blame you for that, too.

  3. Quite so Peter, which is why I don't really care.

    Sorry Hels, guilty as charged, but look at the weather I arranged for her.

  4. I shouldn't laugh, but I did. Maybe next time they'll make their own arrangements.

    Could they not see that without the rain the harbour would be blue and sparkling?

  5. No one can hold themselves entirely to blame for the weather, Andrew, at least that's my take on it. Misfortunes often travel in threes.

  6. Can hardly type, shakes I so much wiv laughter.
    If this were a competition I could explain about our dream outing to Sydney for the 50th Edinburgh Military Tattoo. About an Ark full of animals floating past faux castle walls. About mutant cockroaches in a very expensive hotel. But I won't.
    When R's sister and friend go home they will explain they had a good time in Melbourne but didn't think much of Sydney. Sort of a reasonable outcome, really.
    Nothing to apologise for at all. [PS did they realise it costs extra to book in at Jetstar without printed boarding passes?]

  7. Hello Andrew:
    Oh dear, the best laid time, shoot from the hip!!!

  8. Ah well ...... they only had one day there, so if it was crap then there'd be no way of improving it the next day, would there?

    and it's their fault - surely they could have planned their holiday themselves??

  9. Told ya so didn't i :-).

  10. We do this to some visitors (including the delayed departure from the airport of origin) lest they discover the true wonders of Sydney and try to muscle in on our share of this city.


  11. River, their trip is actually more amusing when they talk about it being wet than them just saying, warm sunny and beautiful. We keep rubbing in the sparkling blue harbour water.

    Elizabeth, I think they have had their three misfortunes while they have been here.

    Lol FruitCake, you must tell us the full story some time. Too my surprise, I have since learnt that they did print out the boarding passes here before they left for the airport. I didn't even know they had the computer on.

    JayLa, no next time!

    Kath, planning requires forward thinking. No, they don't really do that.

    Windsmoke, you did indeed, but don't gloat.

    Victor, I asked them if they smelt the sex and money as they exited Sydney Airport. No, just damp people and taxi driver with bo.

  12. All your fault! Are they Pommies?

  13. Ha ha maybe they will learn something. Then again...

  14. Yep, Geordies if you know what they are MC.

    Nah Fen, not at their age.


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