Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Minor Confusion

'Let's catch up'.

How often do we hear this. This time at our dyke friends suggestion. Glenhuntly Road? Later she made contact suggesting many restaurants were closed and perhaps we try the Grosvenor Hotel in Brighton Road. It has perhaps four make overs in the last twenty years. It is a while since we have been there.

R looked online. He told me, hope you like squid ink filled lobster. Hmm, I rang our brother friends to ask them along. Later they called back with issues about the menu. I contacted our dyke friend and she contacted another friend to convince the brother friends to come. Perhaps he convinced them by alerting them to the white ragu of rabbit or the roasted spatchcock on th menu.

The booking was made and everyone came, but of course it was not our sort of food really. The mains were generally mid $30s. Our friend who organised it realised she had made an error. All she had heard was that the pizzas were great. Well, they were in another dining area. Still, we took a vote and decided to stay. I had a nice meal of lamb cutlet with pork neck. R's was very nice too but he sensibly ordered a side of fried potatoes, which we shared. The serves were a bit small. The real losers were those who chose the $22 risotto, which was an extremely small portion. The menu is here if you want to salivate or rant about what a ripoff it is. The service was first class and our food was fine, although not adventurous choices. I would suggest it was pretty well worth the money.

I wonder if the hotel is on the right path, but given the dining room was full, and turning tables over, whereas the cheap eats pizza area was not so busy, perhaps it is going to be successful. After the meal, we adjourned to an outdoor smoking area looking out over Brighton Road. I had another red and a short black coffee. It was lovely to be sitting and sipping in the warm air, chatting and also seeing who was passing by.

Overall a tick for The Grosvernor, but I would be a bit concerned about their fairly high staffing costs.


  1. Not easy organising dinners out for largish numbers. Still, it seems you had a nice time what with the balmy air, company and a bit of people watching to boot!

  2. I think I'll give it a miss.

    Despite my love of rice - I eat too much of it - I never order risotto. That dish always looks an unappetising lump of dampness to me.

  3. $22 for risotto?
    Let's hope the taste was exceptional, otherwise I'd be saying rip-off.

  4. With those high prices i'd expect a live band to be playing. Paying $22 for Risotto is a bit to rich. Hope you had a good time checking out the local talent passing by :-).

  5. I would order the spatchcock. I'm very predictable when it comes to whole baby chickens, spatchcocks etc.

  6. aah I miss the good old pub food days where you didn't have to save up to go out for dinner!

  7. Christine, it is hard to keep things small at times, which is our preference, but if you invite so and so, then you feel obliged to invite this person, etc.

    Victor, I used to call it soggy rice, until R cooked it and I rather like it.

    River, I think it did taste good, but there was so little of it.

    Windsmoke, I'd pay extra to not have a band.

    AdRad, of course you are a posh diner. We ain't.

    Still plenty of basic pubs around Fen. We know them all.

  8. There's no excuse for expensive and stingily-proportioned risotto - it's cheesey rice FFS!

  9. Kath, it would be one of the cheapest things to make. You are right.


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