Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lusting after Israel

I have excelled myself with the subject line. Read on.

It is all Hels fault. I had already been primed by seeing one of one's youthful lust objects in The Slap, Lex Marinos. He is old now....but still, as I watched is first class acting in The Slap, I felt a twinge. What would it be like to grow old with an idol of your youth. Pretty damn boring I imagine, which is why it is best left in the imagination.

But your Hels, you know, she went to school with Issi Dye, that is Israel Dysenhaus. How lucky was she. Issi was around when I was a teenager and oh, how I lusted after him. I use the word lusted advisedly as my youthful imagination could not work out what I might do with him, or him with me.

Now this post is going to be thoroughly spoilt if I can't find a photo of him as he was back then. Let me look.

Better to see this clip. He is a bit older here than I remember him, but he still looks ok. In early You Tube clips he has what was a trademark moustache but the clips are so so old, they are just awful as is the music. Issi has remained a performer and now works on the cabaret circuit.

I've since found one poor photo.


  1. The things I remember about Issy Dye are the moustache and the hair. We have a customer who has the same style and myself and another woman my age, we tell each other Issy's in the store again.

  2. Haha River. I wondered if he was well known interstate.

  3. You can have him!

  4. Different times Fen. For a country boy who knew one Greek boy at school, who was grossly fat, Issi was so exotic and so unblond, and in very tight pants.

  5. Six digit phone number! That clip must be from very long ago.

  6. hehe thanks Andrew :)

    How I loved 1960s hair, shirt and pants. We were the coolest generation on the planet!

    Issy's daughter Bianca did very well in the industry as well, so the talent may have been passed from one generation to the next.

  7. Whoever he is, he looks better with the moustache. I'm old enough that's for sure but suspect I'm not Australian or English enough to know him.

  8. If i remember rightly wasn't Lex Marinos in Kingswood Country?. He played the son in law who was always racially abused by Ted who always said put ya money on the fridge :-).

  9. The bottom photo ('scuse my french) looks like the white jewish Jimi Hemdrix wannabe.

    Singers from that era never go away and always wangle gigs (guess they have agents who never stop phoning).

    The last 2 or 3 Cox Plates we've been to at Moonee Valley our ears have been assaulted by the none too dulcet tones of Dazza Braithwaite.

    Testing your memory, Shirl. Do you remember a little singing garden gnome called (inappropriately) William Shakespeare on 'Countdown'? (That was my first experience of plunging forks into my eyes and ears.)

  10. Victor, if you see what Issi looks like now, it was a very long time ago.

    We were Hels, but I think every generation thinks that.

    Rubye, he became a bit of a cult figure really, because of his late night tv shows. But yes, only in Australia.

    Windsmoke, that's the one. There were some great lines in the show.

    LS, I'd reckon he would be happy with that description. Yes, I remember Shakespeare, high camp rock. I just googled to find out his hits, Can't stop myself from the loving you, that was the worst, and My Little Angel. Ah, he died in Oct '10.