Wednesday, January 04, 2012

London public transport shut down

Trams rumbled past the Highrise in their normal manner on christmas day. I checked the timetable and it appeared to be a Sunday timetable plus some very early and very late trams. This is a good service with a tram about every twelve minutes for the routes along St Kilda Road.

We had to pick the Brighton Antique Dealer up at South Yarra Station to take her to our friends in Box Hill on christmas evening. I looked up the train times for her from North Brighton to SY. It was a good service too. I remember when it was a very minimal service on christmas day, with a tram every forty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the afternoon and back to forty minutes at night. We are absolutely spoilt.

Did you know London's public transport system shuts down on christmas day? No Tube, no Overground, no buses, no ferries. Nothing except taxis. No wonder the English blob in front of the tv christmas afternoon.


  1. Don't they have legs or feet over there? :-).

  2. I was in Rome once on Christmas Day. Not sure if the (limited) underground trains were running or not, but the buses were. But they were so very crowded I wasn't even going to think about trying to hop on!

  3. You're friends with an antique dealer?? Do you get to go there and drool about owning numerous gorgeous antiques whenever you want? *sigh*
    I had no idea England shut down on Chridtmas Day. They probably need the time to sit and digest all that turkey-with-all-the -trimmings dinner plus plum pudding with brandy sauce.

  4. Mention of how awful weekend and public holiday timetables once were has given the memory a jolt. If everything shut down completely here, as in England, I guess I would really have something to whinge about.

  5. Anonymous11:35 pm

    On the other hand, wandering through London on Christmas Day is a quiet treat.

  6. London's Christmas Day weather would mostly discourage any outdoor activities.

    Many European countries, including the 'Catholic' ones, have long treated Good Friday as a normal working day whilst in Australia for many years it was almost blasphemous for anything other than the most essential services to be in operation.

  7. I'm with Victor! Maybe there's just no point given the weather? And pity the poor workers who have to run the public transport on Xmas day elsewhere!

  8. Windsmoke, when was the last time you walked to the city?

    KN, I would have thought Italians would happily not work on christmas day.

    River, she is her late seventies and no longer has a shop, only a market stall, but she stills buys at auctions and resells. Relaxing after christmas dinner is not a bad thing to do.

    FruitCake, even thirty years ago, although limited, ours wasn't a bad service. I don't think Melbourne's trams did, but Sydney's used to shut down on Sundays for a couple of hours for church services.

    Scott, I rather like the idea myself. One London blogger goes out and takes photos of empty famous streets on christmas morning.

    Surprising about Good Friday Victor and yes, the weather.

    Red, yes it would be nice for PT workers to get the day off, but they are well paid to work that day.

  9. Yers, they sure do shut down. I almost booked a flight out of London on Xmas Day, then realised I wouldn't be able to get to the damn airport!

  10. New York or London Fen? Which is the most important city in the world. One is first and the other second. Bit weird there being no public transport in London. Lucky you checked.