Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Karachi to Melbourne

This is kind of a repost of a video I found of a Melbourne tram decorated by some truck decorators from Pakistan. It was back in 2006 when I posted it I think, so many won't have seen it. While it is not my video, when we took a ride on the tram, it had a similar chaotic feel. We were both grinning ear to ear when we left the tram. It was a real laugh.

As the video starts and the tram approaches, you can hear the bells of St Pauls ringing and the bells almost seamlessly merge into the Pakistani music. The tram travelled around the City Circle Loop service and it was retired after 2006 and hopefully is now resting in a quiet corner somewhere with its decoration intact ready to be brought out again one day. The second very short video shows the outside of the tram in all its gaudy detail a bit better.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    What fun! Surely this would brighten any commuter's day? We do like to think that it is being treasured somewhere, perhaps you should enquire of its whereabouts?

    Two years ago at Christmas time,a number 2 tram which runs along a bank of the Danube was decorated with a mass of fairy lights. The travelling experience was magical.

  2. That is great!!
    Hope they bring it back out one day (and that they're not cannibalising it for parts!)

  3. I love it! ... and would love to know if it still exists.

  4. Tramtastic! Thanks for sharing this with us newbies, Andrew.

    It gives me a buzz that any kind of celebration or departure from a boring norm so easily creates infectious happiness.

    "with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is ... a beautiful world "

  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Wow- that's terrific! I'm grinning away here too, just watching it. I hope that it hasn't been painted over- I'd love to see it one day.

  6. aw, I never got to see this tram, looks fabulous. They should have more theme trams!

  7. What a pretty tram! They should run this one on a regular schedule, as a tourist trip. Who wouldn't want to go to Melbourne for a chance to see the city sights from such a tram? Mention it to your local Tourism office.

  8. That looks like a fun ride. Not sure abut the music. Hope they do it again or one from another country.

  9. Flash is one word to describe it Victor.

    JayLa, your tram is on YT as well. I will put it up at some point.

    Jayne, I think they have so many in storage, they wouldn't need to touch that one.

    Yes, Bliss. I would be sad to have it destroyed.

    It's a good quote FruitCake.

    RJ, it is very smile making.

    Fen, yes, exploit the assets.

    River, the only problem is the decoration is quite delicate and it would always need a conductor or two.

    Diane, I thought the music worked for the occasion. You wouldn't want to hear much of it.

  10. Loved it, but then again I'm not adverse to a Bollywood movie now and then too, love the dancing and singing and overly dramatic story lines!!The second movie made me laugh, the way the bus slid silently past the camera you'd never guess the merriment going on inside!!

  11. PDP, thanks for the comment, but never ever call our trams a bus. :)