Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just not cricket, or tennis

Something that I can never remember not happening in tennis is the shake of hands at the conclusion of a match. While it could be because I don't really watch tennis, Czech, Tomas Berdych, shamed himself and those he represents by refusing to shake his opponent's hand at the conclusion of a match. He was booed by the crowd for his impoliteness and lack of sportsmanship, and I doubt he will have much support in the near future. I don't believe there is a financial penalty for such behaviour.

This is his photo afterwards. The Age.

But this behaviour by a spoilt and immature brat who is exactly not so young should have resulted in him being sent immediately home and a fine proportionate to his tennis income. Well, I think he immediately went home anyway, as he was out of the tournament. How can anyone possibly achieve so much in tennis, and yet have so little self control off the court? Greek Cypriot Marcus Baghdatis smashed four tennis raquets in succession. I think it is intolerable behaviour by a supposed sports person.


  1. Its all about the money these days and sportsmanship comes a distant last :-).

  2. Nahh you cannot legislate fines for poor sportsmanship, non handshaking, loud grunting or insensitive tv interviews after the game. But the crowd's boos made their feelings VERY clear.

    I am sorry the poor sportsmanship came from a Czech. They are normally a very well behaved nation who produce far more tennis champions than their small population could sustain.

  3. Actually Berdych won the match and is still in the tournament although he has to play Nadal next so that probably will be the end of the line.

    As for Baghdatis I notice he hands the broken racquet to the ball boy who has to dispose of it. Surely in the circumstance Baghdatis should dispose of the racquet(s) himself.

    Some of these sportspersons are spoilt brats.

  4. It is sad to see some of the bad sportsmanship displayed in all sports it is so bad for the younger generation to see this and think it is okay.

  5. As you said, a very spoiled brat.

  6. Did he give a reason for not shaking the other guys hand? Not that there is justification, but I'd be interested in what was going on in his stupid brain.

  7. Wouldn't it be great if we could all make a living doing what we most love doing? Obviously, few "champions" today seem to actually love what they do - unless annihilating the opposition is the thing they love, rather than the game itself.

  8. True Windsmoke, but we like to pretend it isn't.

    Hels, they certainly do punch above their weight in tennis. I truly know little about the country.

    Victor, I know my post was a bit confusing. Yes, Berdych is playing tonight, but I meant Baghdatis went home.

    Diane, that is what I was thinking when I saw the racquet smashing.

    Rubye, I wonder what their parents think?

    Fen, he did. He accused the other player of hitting a ball at him. The other player tried to apologise, but it was not accepted.

  9. FruitCake, I suppose they must enjoy what they are doing, but it doesn't seem like it. Reminds me of visiting a pub that has pokies, where everyone is apparently enjoying themselves, but you would never know it to look at them.

  10. There's a lot of bad behaviour in sports now. Uppermost in the tennis arena for me, is that awful grunting they all now do when hitting the ball. It's disgusting! Stop it!
    The problem is that these people get paid such large amounts of money they begin to get grandiose ideas about themselves and when that happens, manners just fly out the window.

  11. River, how those grunts and shrieks were ever allowed seems difficult to understand.


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