Sunday, January 22, 2012

Isolating the board

Youse are a useless lot. I remember posting once about the trouble R and I had had with the laptop where after we plugged the mouse into it, we started having problems when typing. The text would jump around sometimes, going back of forth and doing other things. It took yonks for me to work out the problem. We were accidentally touching the pad with our palms or our wrists.

Once we were aware of the problem, we tried not to touch the pad, but it is hard not to. I was fiddling the other day with the laptop, wondering what it was so beastly slow when it has been used so little. The buttons that do extra things, such turn on/off, volume control, hard drive activity etc have some pretty indecipherable symbols. What does this one do? Oh, a blue light has come on at the pad. Wow, the pad is isolated and won't work, and none of you told me about the existence of such a button.

An acronym that has appeared in print and suddenly is everywhere is most appropriate here. RTFM. Read The Manual......ah, missing letter. Let me think. Ohhhhhhh. Yes, very much RTFM.

I overheard a conversation the other day about lap tops and mouse from someone about forty. She was asking someone to get her a mouse to plug into her new laptop. As I suggested, and she agreed, young people are quite happy with just using the pad of laptop, but older people like to have a mouse.


  1. My first thought after reading the first paragraph was did you consult the manual?, obviously not after reading on. Don't have a laptop so i don't have this problem :-).

  2. Been there, done that and felt a goose after having worked out what to do.

  3. I detest touchpads. Nic has one on his netbook, and when I need to jump on it from time to time, it is always a surefire way to put me in a temper. my palms are either accidentally highlighting whole texts - whereupon I type of hideous chunks of texts - jumping the cursor around the page....

    i prefer using a bluetooth keyboard with an ipad.

  4. Very timely, your post, dear Andrew on the very day I made yet another expensive impulse purchase namely a MacBook Pro.

    I shall post about it....but on my blog.

  5. The mouse for me as well... and the age thing is probably right -
    But then we can spell colour properly - If I go past another hairdressers with "Color" as part of their service!!!!!... shades of the cranky old woman I may become -

  6. Oh, Lord Sedgwick, I could but wouldn't dare on Andrew's blog. Talk about Declan

  7. I should hunt out my manual and have a read as well. Across the top of my keyboard are 12 F buttons each with a symbol thta turns something or other on or off, up or down, brighter or dimmer. I always prefer to read what they do before I start clicking on them. I don't use a mouse with my laptop, I prefer the touch pad, but my daughter prefers a mouse with hers.

  8. Windsmoke, I don't find laptops a joy to use at all.

    LS, well you might have told me.

    Well described Tim. But you being a youngun should be fine without a mouse, I would have thought.

    Victor, the gods are being kind to you with the lavishing of money left right and centre.

    MC, I'll watch out for color. I've not noticed it.

    Too right Jah Teh, you wouldn't dare.

    I know a couple of them River, F5, F1 and I used to know what F9 did but I have forgotten now.

  9. My F1 has a big Z followed by a little z on it. So tempting to put myself to sleep by tapping it!

  10. Manuals, Schmanuals, is what I say.

    ....and is why I always have to ask Love Chunks for help!

  11. Fen, I must check on the laptop. A zzz button sounds useful.

    Well, lucky you Kath. I have no one to ask.

  12. Oh, I know that feeling. When I bought the laptop I bought a new mouse too. The salesperson looked at me with questioning eyes and I said "I'm another generation, I can't play on a few square centimeters".

    BTW, I had a separate keyboard with the one before this one, the tabs were so tiny for my big fingers.

  13. It is funny Peter, that there are now two generations of computer users, the older being like us.

  14. I think you are very brave. I am so paralysed by the certainty of failure that I avoid anything new unless I have no choice. Gosh, it took me three years to stop shoving the keyboard leftwards with my right hand every time I got to the end of a line.

  15. Lol FruitCake. Remember the Candid Camera set up where the carriage would just keep right on going off the machine.

  16. LOL Fruitcake, as always.

    I have mastered the touchpad despite my Seniors Card and arthritic hands.
    Bluetooth and Skype remain a mystery though.


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