Saturday, January 14, 2012

Highriser is unwell today

It seems I have hurt my back. I have a strong back, but not necessarily strong back muscles. I can bend over, steady you filthy lot....but standing up, sitting down or twisting is very painful. From left right and centre advice is coming, massage, chiropractor, back pain Neurophen. It will take a few days for my back to heal itself. That is all.

But worse, I have nothing prepared and ready to publish today. I will just recount last night's conversation when Little Jo was here.

Sister flew to Adelaide with Little Jo yesterday to catch up with a long time friend of Sister's. Little Jo was asked if she remembered the friend. You know, we had dinner at (I missed some words) and you played in the play area.

Little Jo, verbatim as best I can remember: 'Mummy, I am not sure you are really telling me the truth about meeting M. There are no children's play areas in any hotel in Queenscliff.'

'No darling, it was at the pizza and pasta place.' Little Jo tilted her head back slightly in a very superior manner. Obviously her mother did not make the location clear.

Little Jo must have been having geography lessons as she stringed out to R where in the world she would like to visit. Russian was one place. R corrected her, Russia. No, she replied it is Russian where I want go, but after we go to Adelaide/Bali. Apparently Adelaide and Bali are in the same area.

She remains as gorgeous and entrancing as ever, but she is now is quite challenging.

'Andrew, you used to buy the big packets of popcorn. Now you buy small packets, but I know you only put half in the basket. I've had enough thanks, so it doesn't matter.' 'Well I left some for when Sister and Bone Doctor come home'. Odd, since she has never seen the popcorn being made. She just orders it from the bed where she and R are watching a dvd.

Sister took Mother out for lunch last week to the local hotel. Little Jo wanted something from a kid's toy vending machine. Sister said no. Little Jo stacked it on but did not win. Bone Doctor is a relative push over for such things. Mother would spend her last dollar for the grandchildren. After lunch they went for a drive around the new housing estates. 'Nanny, that was absolutely the worst time I have had at that hotel.'


  1. How smart Little Jo is becoming.
    God, I hope your back gets better quickly Andrew. What a drag.

  2. It's amazing how articulate little ones can be even when the mix up the so-called facts.

  3. She's gorgeous and you must, of course, record all her comments for the obligatory 21st birthday.
    Have a dodgy back myself at the moment - voltaren, valium, tramadol, deep heat, hot showers and plenty of cushions for back support.
    And no climbing ladders to clean out spouting.
    Or trimming neighbours tree branches hanging over the fence.
    Or swinging from the chandelier.

  4. Haven't had any back trouble or sore hip joints since i lost 30 kilos, so far so good knock on wood :-).

  5. Same dodgy back here too, but high up on the right side, rather an odd place for me. Might be time for a visit to the doctor and get my kidneys checked. Are kidney stones painful when they're in the kidney still? Or else I've just torn a muscle in that area by reaching up too high when putting away the christmas ornaments.
    Little Jo is developing into quite a character.

  6. Too smart Rubye. Back is a bit better today.

    Elisabeth, I doubt I could string two words together at her age. Children are so advanced now.

    Jayne, those chandeliers do need to be firmly attached these days.

    Windsmoke, I have also heard excess weight is pretty hard on people knees too.

    River, I think they can be painful in the kidneys, as they move around. But yes, maybe a sprain.

  7. I hope your back improves quickly, sore backs are rather tedious.

    Love how spongey little kids get, repeating things and absorbing everything around them. They're very observant too, even if you think they're not!

  8. So sorry I have no bad back with which to commiserate. I'm sure the only reason for that is I haven't actually done anything today except write and post!

    But look on the bright side. At least you can still bend over ...

  9. Fen, it is something I've not thought about, but they are so absorbent. I remember a neighbour saying about me when I was a kid, look out, big ears is listening.

    Red, and an exceptionally good post did you write today. Yes, can still bend over to pick up a piece of lint on the carpet. I am of a certain age, as is R, so that is the extent of us bending over.

  10. Poor Andrew. I hope you recover full flexibility quickly.

  11. Sorry to hear about your back.

    Little Jo's obviously been here before.

  12. She sounds incredibly observant and hugely intelligent .... now you'll be more aware of how much attention she pays to what you're up to and I wonder what reports she takes back to Sister and BoneDoctor? :)

    Sorry to hear about your back - mine 'goes' every now and then too and it's just a case of doing what I usually do but a lot slower and with more grunting. But if you can persuade R to rub in some Deep Heat that can help too.

  13. Victor, I had a line worked out for my doctor; How does a gay man my age usually hurt their back? Cleaning. Alas I saw a different doctor.

    FruitCake, you aren't the first to suggest that.

    Kath, we found that out early on when we fed her something sweet which she wasn't supposed to have and she blabbed as soon as she saw Sister.

    Sounds very like my back. Doctor suggested Voltaren gel which isn't sticky and doesn't smell.

  14. You must guggle (Eloise Plaza Hotel) to see the legendary jaded and blase fictional little girl who Jo sounds just like.
    I was laughing at this - "never seen the popcorn being made. She just orders it from the bed", as in 'Beulah? Peel me a grape.' ...

    when i got to your comment reply 'how does gay man usually hurt his back? cleaning!" bwah ha ha, but much sympathy and hope it calms soon.

  15. Em Stacks, I was aware of the line, but not of where it was from. I know now. It is much better thanks.

  16. I was thinking your post title was a reference to the infamous -

    Jeffrey Bernard - His lifestyle had an inevitable effect on his health and reliability, and the magazine often had to post the notice "Jeffrey Bernard is unwell" in place of his column. ..

  17. Em Stacks, once I realised I could not go to work because of my back, I may well have become unwell in the Jeffery Bernard sense. I've always loved the line, sober or not.