Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Farewell Dinner

We decided to shout our guests to a last meal somewhere outdoors along the river at the casino. Too expensive, too posh, too this, too that. What about this one? It has spare seats for us. And so we ate at Cafe Baci.

I wasn't really expecting too much, but it was first class. The service was excellent. So good in fact, and I have never done this, I discretely tipped our waiter $10. The food was very good and more than we could eat, even though we did not order too much. We finished our meal with coffee and cognac, watched the fire show, walked through the casino to where we thought there would be an animated display for Chinese New Year, but there wasn't. To celebrate CNY many stalls had set up along the river, unfortunately blocking the view of the river. We crossed the river and made our way to the Federation Square tram stop. It was just a great evening, made better by us not shouting the meal, but R's sister and her friend paying. We paid for breakfast the next day and a late beachside lunch.

A few little surprises appeared around the highrise before they departed on Saturday evening.

The flowers were pretty obvious. You can't exactly miss them.

Good call here.

Potions, a pack for R too. In the box is teeth cleaning tablets! They'll be interesting.

I'd forgotten that we saw acrobats on the river front.

Very busy and very pretty along the river bank. Sometimes I just love my city.


  1. Those lanterns and fairy lights look great.

    They also look like the ones that graced Sydney's Hyde Park recently for the Vivid Art festival. I wonder if they are travelling around Australia.

  2. Yes, R's sister and friend will definitely have nicer things to say about Melbourne than Sydney - one of the best attractions being your company, of course.

  3. agreed! I was standing on Prince's Bridge with the grandchildren last week, naming and locating Flinders St Railway Station, the arts centre, St Kilda Rd, St Paul's Cathedral etc. It was truly beautiful.

  4. It seems "shout" means to pay for the meal? Not sure.
    It looks/sounds like you all had a really great time and a great meal.

  5. Andrew, I spent a few days in Melbourne some years back- and was shouted out to dinner on that street that has all the Italian restaurants. It was magic.

  6. I can see why you love your city too, Andrew

  7. Victor, you mean the acrobats? Very professional. They were paid by someone and not there to pick up donations.

    FruitCake, my company can be challenging at times. But people are what northern English seem to like, rather than scenic etc.

    Hels, sometimes I get overwhelmed by things that are not right and fail to appreciate what is right. In spite of its colour, the river and the precinct is great.

    It does mean that Rubye. You can also be in a shout, which is a round of drinks for all in a group, each round paid for by each person. A welsher on a shout is persona non grata. Err, now I am going to have to explain welsher, aren't I?

    KN, that would be Lygon Street. I can't find the post of when we were there last, but I found this one. http://highriser.blogspot.com.au/2007/06/nice-memory.html

    Aww Kath. You are missing it a bit. Spring and summer will arrive for you before you know it.

  8. Well that sounds like a very lovely evening. Cafe Baci? I'll keep it in mind in case I ever get to Melbourne. I love the fairy lights and lanterns.

  9. River, so long as cold southerly is not blasting up the river, it is a great place to stroll.

  10. Looked really nice Fen.