Friday, July 15, 2011


Tomorrow we will travel on an Adelaide road that holds a world record. 'Tis the queerest thing. I only learned of it today.

Vodafone Adelaide = fail.

Cheers River. How did you know all gay men like lemon meringue pie. Pity about the Pablo coffee, but never mind.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Checking in from Mount Gambier

Screw you Vodaphone. I will be pressing you to get out of our contract with you upon our return. Your service on the Bellarine was barely usuable. It is better at home, but not so great really, as we went and bought a router to use our cable service on the laptop.

I really thought the service would be ok here in Mount Gambier. I checked the coverage map in advance, but again, barely usable.

Our digs give free wi-fi for two hours a day, and it is fast. But before going to the bother of that, I thought I would try using my phone as an internet access point, and hey, it works. It works fast. There was a warning about how it can chew through your data allowance and your phone battery, but it is negligiable compared to our allowance which we don't use. I have evened it out by using R's phone to connect with too.

For all R uses the net on his laptop at home, he could use his phone to connect with, never mind the router.

It pains me to say so, but so far our phones have had a first class signal and now a first class signal for the internet. Praise be to Telstra.

I was getting quite stressed earlier when trying to use the Vodafone connection. I could see things, try to do something, and it would not work. I am so relieved that I now have proper net access. There were over one hundred emails and a similar number of blogposts to catch up on, and it was impossible with the Vodaphone connection.

Almost from the day we bought a mouse for the laptop, we have had problems. I will be typing away and the cursor will jump and I am suddenly typing somewhere else on the page. We have never spilt anything on the keyboard, so I was not sure what was really wrong with the laptop that gets so little use.

Duh, I just worked it out. I rest the palms of my hand on the pad as I type, and that makes the cursor jump around. R has had the same problem. Now I have to keep my palms suspended and all works fine.

Holiday is going well, but why did we not head overseas or north for warmer weather? This time tomorrow we will be in warm Adelaide anyway, so no matter. (extract tongue from cheek)

Missing you all heaps.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're Orf

I don't normally blog while away on holidays (was that a sigh of relief I just heard?) I am well aware my posts over the last week or so have not been terribly interesting (now I have got your eyes rolling. Was it ever anything but thus?) . Just a few more hours in the day would be nice. As I have said before, this is like a diary and you are most welcome to read it. I very much apreciate and enjoy the interaction with commenters. Let me assure you, if you are on my VIP list, I read what you write and I read a few more recent commenter's blogs too. The reduntant ones still come through when a blogger may write a post six months after their last one. No doubt I will give you the usual day by day description of our holiday with photos upon my return.

If you want to read about previous holidays, click on the appropriate tag and go back. Japan in 2010, Sydney in 2009, Singapore England Paris and Amsterdam in 2008, Broken Hill Australia, two more Sydney visits with R's rels and a visit to Darwin, where we sat in the casino one evening having a drink with R's rels and saw news of the London terrorist bombings come up on the big screen.

Monday is Little Jo's actual birthday, and we will spend the day with her. She is having a party today at a farm. Sister has already booked a stay in the empty Hotel Highrise in our absence, as has ABI Brother. The cupboards will probably be bare when we return. I must remember to lock the bedside cupboard and the filing cabinet. Toys are for personal use and I don't want Sister knowing how much money I don't have or see the reverse mortgage brochures.

Passport, check, no, don't need it.
Airline tickets, check, no don't need them.
Petrol, check, oh, need lots of that.
Bank cards. Oh yes, we will certainly need them.

I will probably still try to read blogs while I am away, depending on internet reception. Catch you all in a bit.

A fry up

A fry up is perhaps an English term, but it is well embraced in Australia. We like a good fry up but tend to avoid them as all that fat laden meat is not good for you. Is a mixed grill Australian? A lamb chop, a beef steak, and a sausage of dubious merit. Better whack in some bacon too. There must be something in the pan to offend every religion.

I am salivating at the thought, even though I have never had a mixed grill.

A fry up is a very basic meal and we in the Highrise fry rarely. But when we do, we have a marvellous fry pan that has served us well for many years and cost $6 at a camping shop. It is so well seasoned that little oil is needed. It never sees soap suds, only a wipe out with paper towel.

Our wok is old too and also well seasoned. It came with a ring to support it over a normal gas burner on the stove but the Highrise has a wok burner with the hotplates, and so the supporting ring was chucked years ago.

Our old frypan and wok were very cheap and are not flash, but do the job very well.