Sunday, December 04, 2011


I suppose it is no surprise that Tradie Brother wasn't invited to his ex wife's wedding, but we, the rest of the Highriser side of the family were. The appropriateness of us attending was discussed among ourselves. We all like Sis in Law, and she is the mother of our nieces and nephew. The nieces and nephews are Mother's grandchildren, the grandchildren she and late Step Father took our about on Sunday drives, beach outings, spoiling them and loving them as grandparents do. They all treat Mother with love, affection and respect, rather better than Mother' s own children do.

The wedding, ok we must attend. It is obligation. I will be thinking about Tradie Brother, home alone, while everyone he knows in his life is attending his ex wife's wedding. Ah well, crap happens.

R and I had discussed the last wedding we attended, which we thought was Tradie Brother and Sis in Law's wedding some twenty five years ago. We both had totally forgotten about R's Sister's wedding which we organised in Sydney when they came to Australia in 2005 I think. I wrote about it at the time.

The invitation to Sis in Law's wedding said 1pm ceremony at their home, 3pm reception at the local hall.

This was also the only day before christmas that Sister could fit in a visit to us for us to see Little Jo. We won't be showing Little Jo the Myer christmas windows this year, it seems. Sister and Bone Doctor were irresponsible as usual. They went off for a walk around the park, and then bought brunch and arrived back at the Highrise at the time we planned to leave. Little Jo helped R erect the christmas tree and I showed her my advent calendar and we found the number 3 window to open.

The wedding was lovely. There were nibbles and drinks afterwards, but with 120 people, the snacks did not last long and people were urged off to the reception at 2.30.

The drinks were plentiful, but we wanted food. We did all sort of things to amuse and entertain ourselves. Sister had to leave at 4.30 to drive to Sorrento to get the ferry home for a lighting up of her town's christmas tree. No food for them.

The food from the caterers arrived just before 6. We had been sitting there for over three hours with no food, nothing to do but chat, get up, go outside, come back in, go to where the kids were playing, filling in time. The food was late as the staff at the caterers were all new kids, because Sis in Law manages the catering business and all the usual staff were at the wedding.

The food was supposed to arrive at 5, but I just don't get what we supposed to do between our reception arrival time of 3pm, and 5pm when the food was to be served. Many of the blokes just got horribly drunk. I gulped down my food when it did eventually arrived and immediately started to gee up R up to leave. Oh, did I add that Step Mother asked us to drop her back to Tradie Brother's, where she was staying? Although it was a diversion, not too bad. I wanted to see Tradie Brother anyway, just to make sure he was coping with the day when his ex wife married. Step Mother had drunk quite enough, so it was good to dump her back at Tradie Brother's house. Brother had his evening outdoor fire going. They will both get have a nice evening chatting.

Ann O'Dyne asked me to post about the wedding. She said it is in the genes that women like weddings. I will, but this is a summary of the day we had to do.


  1. After two divorces there's no way in the world i will ever marry again hell would have to freeze over first :-).

  2. Oh my, I hear you. Weddings are always tricky, even when there was no divorce and no step parents involved. There is something about weddings that make people hyper anxious - about the dress, the pastor, the food, the music, the drink, the speeches. Have you ever heard of a smooth, uneventful day where everyone just sits back and relaxes?

    I hope the newly married couple have a happy, peaceful life.

  3. Weddings are a mixed bag, aren't they! I've learned never to go to such do's without a small, food survival pack.

  4. Families and who invites who and who is welcome and who is not...sort of funny in a way but sorry about your tradie brother. Will be in Melbourne for good by mid week

  5. Booze and no food does not a good reception make.
    No one ever believes me when I tell them that 'Dimboola' was a play about my wedding day.

  6. More than three hours wait for the food is inexcusable in my books. Even if the staff were newbies, makes no difference, they still need to stick to the timetable provided them. I would have been in the kitchen offering to help move things along or at least toss out a loaf of bread to the hungry hordes.

  7. Windsmoke, you just need the right person to come along, one who appreciates your talents.

    Hels, the ceremony itself was lovely and without a hitch. But yes, the hitches came in the reception.

    Hehe FruitCake, like my mother, always with a banana and a biscuit in her handbag.

    MC, he would not have gone even if he was asked. They do get along ok now though.

    I can just so picture it JahTeh.

    River, it was catered offsite and the food brought in for a buffet. The food was one hour late, but the real issue was why a two hour gap between arriving and when we were supposed to eat. I just don't understand why.

  8. uh oh, I gots no woman genes!

  9. Timing is everything. I went to a wedding last night (Sun) and instead of just focusing on the food and booze, I sat back and analysed every aspect of the evening. Oh Andrew, what I do for my bloggy mates!

    Everything was beautiful but I worried about the speeches. They focused sooooo much on how these were two Perfect Families and the young couple had the Perfect Love. I was worried about what might happen if in the future the dog vomits on their perfect carpet or a cheque bounces from their perfect bank account.

  10. Now Fen, if that black dress was white, you would make a lovely bride.

    Haha Hels, you are such a cynic. But yes. If they are young, they may just be ignorant, but older people should know better. I was doing plenty of focusing on people, as I usually do.