Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tube Face

Oh, not sure that I like the changes to You Tube. I may get used to them. I liked the old recommended videos way better. I decided to turn off the feature where people can see what you 'liked', 'commented on' and 'favourited'.

Finally Face Book has done what people actually wanted, that is to be able to sort what friends post in order of posting. It still seems to be unable to be set to default to this setting, but thank someone at least the setting has returned. Just as good, the hunt around to find a list of your friends is over. They are all listed down one side of the page. How obvious. How sensible. Why not before.


  1. Indeed, why not before? Although this doesn't bother me overmuch, since I don't do facebook.

  2. The only time i watch a video from you tube is when someone posts one on their blog. I've no time for face book or twitter :-).

  3. I switched off Facebook years ago after only a few weeks flirtation with it. The relationship required too much nurturing for my tastes.

  4. River, I use it rarely, but when I do, I want it to be simple.

    Windsmoke, I prefer to spend the time on my blog.

    Victor, it is vaguely useful for stalking my family.