Friday, December 09, 2011

Start the weekend happy

If this doesn't put a smile on your dial, then you are a misery guts. Note the lead performer, Robert Lindsay, now seen on the somewhat painful tv show My Family. The clip is worth watching just for the fantastic below the knee dresses. Why don't women dress like that anymore?

A bonus clip for you follows. I remain a bit sceptical, but it says that this was made as propaganda to upset Hitler and his cronies.


  1. The Hitler parody is funny.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Such evil made to look and be so absurd. Wonderful. As for Robert Lindsay, totally splendid with a superb Cockney accent, often to be heard, rather strangely, in Brighton.

  3. despite My Family, I just LOVE Robert Lindsay and have done since the 1980's when he was in a TV series Give Us A Break which was about pool hall hustlers.
    His edition of WhoDo YouThink YouAre was also the best of them all.

  4. I've had more than my share of musicals growing up, having a mother who starred in most of them, but then Stephen Fry-revamp of Me and My Girl is pretty damn good. Have a nice weekend!

  5. I've been watching My Family for many, many years its gotta be the best comedy around. Robert Lindsay also appears in Hornblower. I like the second video its very cleverly done indeed and made me smile :-).

  6. Kath's mum is Nancye Hayes? Maggie Fitzgibbon? Tikki Taylor? June Jago? Laurel Veitch? Did she know Kevin Colson? oh Kath it's worth a post.
    X X

  7. New respect for Robert Lindsay, he's good in My Family but I didn't realise he was such an accomplished singer and dancer. Thoroughly enjoyed his version of The lambeth Walk!

  8. Victor, simple stuff to do now, but a bit of work back then, if it was done back then.

    JayLa, what a brilliantly salient point about Brighton.

    Ann, I just remember Give Us a Break but I can't remember him. He was quite handsome when he was younger.

    Really Kath! Your mother! I guess we are going to have to wait some time for the details.

    Windsmoke, My Family is one of those shows I feel compelled to watch if I am home, and then wonder why I did. It can be funny.

    Em Stacks, I don't think she wants to expose her mother at this point, but of course we are dying to know.

    PDP, I knew nothing of him except for the tv show. I was surprised. He is good.

  9. Used to watch My Family because of Kris Marshall's character Nick. Since then the scripts and storylines have become a little contrived rather than over the top funny.
    Robert Lindsay is far more impressive in the clip you provided, and a lot of fun.
    I've seen the second piece before but like you I'm not sure of it's true birthdate. Thanks for finding it for me!

  10. yes thank you Fruitcake - the Nick character of kris marshall was absolutely wonderful.
    then he went big in Love Actually, and just weeks ago he was in trouble with the law. stardom is tricky.

    If it had been a US series, Nick would have got a spin-off show

  11. FruitCake, I liked Kris in the show too.

    Em Stacks, I googled him. Seems he is a bit of a bad boy.