Thursday, December 29, 2011

Share the cloth

When I was a kid, a towel was towel. It hung on the bathroom rail and after bathing, you used it. People had used it before you and people would use it after you. This includes drying their hands after washing them. I suppose Mother looked after the towel changing business. I can't remember.

This persisted until I met R. Even in my teen years when living with my father and stepmother, it was as above. You just always looked for a dryish towel, not whether it was used.

I don't know exactly when or why it happened, but very early in my and R's relationship, we started having our own towels.

Over the years we have become more and more fussy about our towels. No one else is allowed to use them. (I can see you V, nodding away)

With two bathrooms now, it is pretty easy to manage. If we are travelling, my towel goes in place on the rack/rail, and R's goes in the other and we remember which is which. R being left handed and me being right handed helps. His goes left, mine right. I am not telling you about top or bottom if it is vertical stacking, as you will read things into that.

When bathing at Sister's, she always yells out as you about to get into the shower, there is a clean towel in the ....

At home I make sure a house guest has a towel in their room to use when the attend the bathroom. They get our very old towels, washed of course.

I have you absolutely fascinated and drawn in now, I am sure.

We have three sets of towels for our personal use, one brown, one red, one green. Each set comprises a towel and bath mat for me, and a towel, bath mat and hand towel for R's bathroom, his being a public one, so the hand towel is for the use of visitors. We don't use face washers, although we have some assorted face washers for the use of guests. Little Jo seems to require the use of a few of them when she visits.

In the past I used to change the towels once a week, always on Friday but here in the Highrise, they don't seem to air or dry as well, so R requested a more frequent change. I now change them every sixth day, which does require some thought as to when to change the towels, rather than every Friday. I did work out that to rotate the towels evenly, it must be brown, green then red. The alphabet is useful.

I have just had to think why we have three sets when two would be enough. We bought our towel sets at Boxing Day sales just before R's sister and husband to be visited. We bought an extra set for them to use. This was perhaps in 2008, so the towels are four years old and getting thinner. We are to have new house guests in a couple of weeks, R's sister, a different one, and her friend, and we need new towels, so Boxing Day sales it will be. Funny that Boxing Day sales have started already, three days before Boxing Day.

I'll just keep you hanging on the edge before telling you in another post about how I launder the towels. But if you would like to tell me about your towels, feel free. I don't expect any of you can top my fussiness, unless you live alone.

(obviously this was written before Boxing Day, but no new towels yet)


  1. Where am I? Have I strayed into Martha Stewart's blog?

  2. I change my towels once a week as there is only me. When i was married and had kids towels were changed every couple of days. You really are a fuss pot, never mind what ever takes your fancy :-).

  3. There are always hand towels which are obviously hand towels in our bathrooms, in the kitchen and in the laundry. If someone dries their hands on a tea towel I never talk to them again [just kidding].
    They get changed every three days or more. If I use someone else's bathroom and there is no hand-towel I wipe washed hands on my jeans or use a paper towel from my handbag.

    We are normally once-a-weekers, but since Aunty arrived she has been whipping bath-towels away every 3 days.

    Guests have their own en-suite and always get a complete set of new towels, and are shown the linen press so they can change their own when they want to.

    New towels are dreadful beasts that take a lot of "breaking in".

    But yes, you are extremists. We tend not to worry about colours because we all have our own towel rails, nor do we care about rotating stock to ensure even wear.

  4. We play music towels with a cheeky cat always trying to claw the towels onto the floor to sleep on so we hang them over the shower curtain rail, until we actually have a shower then they get hung on the towel rail (cos said cheeky cat is chased from the bathroom at that stage).
    Haven't had such fluffy towels as when we hang them on the clothesline at Dunolly Caravan Park and the wind whips them into fluffy goodness in no time!

  5. OK, now we are all waiting for the Changing of the Sheets blog post!!! Happy new Year :-)

  6. Harris Scarffe best for towells, face wahsers, bath sheets (terrible to wash and dry)but not so good for bath mats.

  7. That's face washer, I'll have to give up drinking.

  8. Alas, life is so difficult! ;o

  9. Why every 6th day? Way too confusing - I understand the alphabet rotation I mean that makes perfect sense - or does it?
    Can't wait for the laundering - I've got a suspicion it's not going to be a simple procedure..

  10. Maybe Victor, except I pay my tax.

    Yep Windsmoke, a fusspot.

    FruitCake, isn't it permissible to dry your own hands on your own tea towels though? I so forgot about new towel fluff. I am very much one for rotating things. Reminds me the car needs a service and I'll get them to rotate the tyres.

    Jayne, the clothes dryer fluffs them up nicely. I bet yours dry very quickly at Dunolly.

    KN, I may possibly have done changing of the sheets already. You have forgotten? I have too. Happy NY to you too.

    Jah Teh, that would involve a visit to HS in Southland. I am not stressing myself with car parking at a shopping centre. I'll wait for the train station to be built.

    Rubye, the luxury of fussing about such things while half the world starves.

    Dianne, it was once a week but here in the Highrise, they weren't drying well between showers, so I made it every sixth day.

  11. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Yes, I was nodding my head as I read your post. I daren't look at your towels, let alone touch them!

    I am the complete opposite to you when it comes to towells. I'd used the same two for well over 10 years until my colleagues presented me with a big, fluffy bath sheet one recent birthday. I still have the old, thin towels... for guests (aren't you glad you didn't stay at my place last year!!) V.

  12. Yep, towels and the management thereof are extremely important in the first world... too!!

  13. YES - all towels MUST be purchased in the post-Christmas sales, including beach ones. I'm sure it's an unofficial Aussie law.

    I'm a stickler for having separate towels and change 'em every Friday. LC is left handed, so his is on that side and never the twain (towel) shall meet (be mixed).

  14. 'Fess up V. You might have touched the hand towel. Actually, that is what it is for. I am happy to use towels until they wear out. But it's the visitors you know. Gotta impress. They certainly put in a huge effort when we visited. So that large but thin towel in your bathroom was not for me to dry my hands on?

    Thank you Christine. I am pleased someone else appreciates the importance of such matters.

    Haha Kath, that is what we do when on hols. R is left handed. His towel on the left, mine on the right. Yours must be nice and warm after being draped over a radiator.

  15. absolutely - towels are the classic Sales purchase.
    I loathe the way those huge bath towels clog up the washer though.
    After a shower, it is actually most efficient to dry with a hand towel in each hand (just sayin), but I do love that you have made a fascinating post out of Ultra Mundane home management.

  16. I have a plethora of towels, however I use 4 of them, the rest just languish in the linen cupboard. Well mostly they're old and I really should just turf them, but I never get around to it. They're good for when large moppings up are required.

  17. No huge towels here Em Stacks, except my Aussie Boys beach towel from Oxford Street. I can appreciate the efficiency of a couple of hand towels.

    Fen, large moppings up being? Flooded washing machine? Well watered pussy?

  18. I only have hand towels in the kitchen, the bathroom ones are normal bath towel sized on the rail for hand drying and bath sheet sized over the shower rail for wrapping myself in to dry off. They're all washed weekly, then put back in place because I love that sunshiney fresh air smell. Ditto sheets. I have new ones, of both sheets and towels, but they're in the cupboard mostly unused, just dragged out for visitors. I have face washers too, I use them as table napkins, they're colourful and so absorbent! Easily washed too without needing ironing.

  19. Well equipped and organised River. I'd expect nothing less.

  20. Be careful what you wish for. Many years ago, I had 'the Xmas of the towels' where EVERY gift I received was towel-related. While they were all very useful, and some have survived to this day (over 20 years later) I still recall the disappointment at seeing that telltale gift shape!!

  21. Red, bought them now. For us this year was the year of calendars. We only hang one. Decisions.

  22. Oh bummer! And I was going to ask you to review my 'Year of Scenic Public Toilets' calendar, out now in VERY limited release ...

  23. Red, love to review one, but there must be more deserving people to review your lavvy calendar.