Sunday, December 18, 2011

QV Gardens

I alighted from the tram, crossed the road and was almost run over by a speeding cyclist on a shared footpath/bike path. Ring, ring, went his bell. Hi Andrew, he called out. It was a neighbour. Who was in the wrong? I don't know.

Queen Victoria Gardens are part of the larger Domain area of parks close to the city. This is the hammer thrower, correctly called The Pathfinder. I used to see council workers put out the hammer in the mornings and take it in at about 3pm. They no longer bother. If it was left out, the youth would steal it. It is a rather good sculpture.

This photo is from about six weeks ago. The one that follows is the bed last week. Things have grown.

The Floral Clock, I assume the mechanism, was given to Melbourne by the Watchmakers of Switzerland in 1966. Do pass on our thanks personally Kath. On the green post to the left is a button to push to hear a rather too long recorded history of the clock and the area. Flowers there have grown in six weeks too.

Ah, the bloke on the horse is an Edward, VII perhaps. VII? Was there a seven?

This is the Walker Fountain. I remember it being built and I would have thought in the mid 1990s. The plaque tells me it was 1981. I scarcely believe that. Walker was a Lord Mayor of Melbourne in the 1970s. Now he head honcho of Grand Pricks car race org. The fountain was shut down during the drought, and then converted to recycled water. While it is a boringly conventional fountain, it is rather nice. It is now illuminated in blue at night. I don't go out at night to take photos. You can if you want.


  1. There was indeed an Edward VII followed later by Edward VIII, he of Wallis Simpson fame.

  2. Things certainly have grown in the six weeks, the gardens look lovely!
    I remember walking past the flower clock once soon after first arriving in Melbourne sometime in 1981.
    It's a pity the hammer could not be permanently fixed to the thrower somehow.

  3. There certainly was a King Edward VII (died 1910). He was an outrageous gormandiser and womaniser, but the Edwardian period is absolutely my favourite era for history, art, architecture and literature.

  4. The gardens look fab, no doubt helped along by the humid wet weather we've been having.

  5. As a pedestrian on a shared path, I believe you're in the right!! But I could be wrong ...

  6. Ah Victor, I am as good at English royalty as I am about rugby, err league. Whatever.

    River, feeling romantic no doubt in 1981. I don't know why the hammer, which is actually a ball, can't be fixed on the sculpture properly.

    Hels, you avatar has you looking quite Edwardian. Intent?

    Fen, everything is looking so healthy because of the humidity, sun and rain, except your liver. Good luck tomorrow.

    Red, I would never do while crossing a road, but I was doing something with my phone as I crossed the path, otherwise I would have seen the bike. You are right. I was right.

  7. Nice walk through the park Andrew, there are no questions left to be answered, you do have informative followers haha!

  8. PDP, do I cultivate the informative or have they just happened?

  9. Ha Ha, in 1981, I was pushing baby #4 around in his pram. Not a lot of time for romance.

  10. River, lucky I forgot arithmetic after I left school.