Monday, December 26, 2011


Lucky I pre-prepared christmas posts. I am absolutely whacked with family, social stuff and work. Better post something. I was going to delete this photo but instead I will share the pleasure I felt when twice in the week I have woken in the morning, having turned the fan off overnight, and found the blades had stopped at 90 degrees to the walls. It has never happened before, then twice in a week. Stars aligning?

The proof is not in the photo as it doesn't look quite straight, but it was.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and R, I hope you had plenty of food and festivities.

    Maybe the stars are aligning, go buy a ticket thing!

  2. That is so cool! It has never happened to us before, and I am sure that if it had, I would take a pic of it too. I look up at our ceiling fan in the lounge right now... nope, not aligned in such a way.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    We are somewhat late in catching up with your splendid video of Budapest featuring the 4 and 6 tram along the main korut, with all of the Christmas lights and, of course, your very generous link to us for which many, many thanks.

    You will be saddened to learn that our last surviving parent died yesterday [Christmas Day] which has, as you may imagine, somewhat overshadowed things. But, we send our very warmest wishes to you and R for a very successful and happy New Year.

  4. Perhaps the stars are aligning with the blades and all will be square in your world.

  5. Kind of like a cross hanging over your head isn't it? ;o

  6. Its the devil's work :-).

  7. My condolences, Jane and Lance.

    Andrew, it's a pity you couldn't get a photo from the "right angle".

  8. Cheers Fen. We have bought a ticket.

    Cazzie, might never happen again.

    JayLa, I am sorry to hear and I offer my sympathy. Budapest was truly looking its super best.

    So far not River :-(

    As long as it stays hanging and doesn't fall down. It would land......ah, too awful to think about.

    Windsmoke, pretending to be a cross and then descending on me.

    I thought I did FruitCake, but it didn't come out like that.