Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nice one Vic Roads

I know our Vic Roads has extraordinary knowledge and capacity to do wonderful things with our road systems for getting trams and buses on the move instead of sitting in stationary traffic. It would seem they don't do it because of a lack of funding. I should probably blame our government but Vic Roads is in control. I just read last night somewhere that in Sydney City, their RTA installed an ability for buses to control the traffic lights in their favour, yet the system has never been switched on. From what I understand, bus congestion in Sydney City is horrendous and tinkering around the edges is all that is ever done.

Our Vic Roads, well the name says it all, is about cars principally. I recall some nonsense from Vic Roads a few years ago where they said they would take control of traffic lights to move late running trams along faster. Fortunately no one held their breath waiting for that. Instead they just breath a little heavier as they are sitting in their tram as it is stuck in traffic.

Yet even though Vic Roads looks after cars, they don't get that right either. If I am going to travel on a freeway and I think it may be busy or I have to be somewhere at a certain time using the freeway, I check Vic Roads website before I leave home. Clearly I haven't been looking in the correct place. Monash Freeway was closed in both directions from the early hours of the morning due to a truck crash near Ferntree Gully Road. At about 7.15 this morning I checked Vic Roads online map to see how bad the congestion was and look at what it indicated!

The green lines heading off to the left towards the city indicate no problem at Ferntree Gully Road, yet the freeway was completely blocked. Now, at noon, it is showing heavy congestion. Believe me, it would have been heavily congested at 7.00am. Vic Roads recently made a song and dance about their new webpage, showing road closures, and yes, it did show the freeway was closed, but why not on this 'live' map, that I and I expect many others use?

I feel like ending with calling them tossers, but instead I'll just say, that is a serious fail Vic Roads.


  1. The New NSW Government has decided to change the name of our authority from 'Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)' to 'Roads Service' and to link it with the ferries, of all things, in an organisation referred to as 'Maritime and Roads Service'.

    Changing the names is probably the only change we will notice. As for the buses controlling traffic lights in Sydney, I can't say that I notice any positive effects on bus travel. There is some horrendous gridlock of bus and other motor traffic in the Sydney CBD at times.

  2. Vicroads leave a lot to be desired sometimes. I did hear a while back that tram drivers were getting the power to control traffic lights i hope not, what a mess this would cause during the peak period :-)

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Traffic congestion now appears to be fairly universal. We wonder when some government will have the courage to effect real change to the ways in which the infrastructure of cities operates?

  4. I feel your pain - but haven't experienced the Vic debacle. We use a similar QLD site to check outback road conditions - and before you can actually read them, you must click a 'disclaimer' box. The site isn't responsive enough to recent events. For eg, after heavy rain, it showed a road as clear, but the local council had put up a manual caution sign on the road. We went to the local council for more details, but no more info to be had! The Grey Nomad network told us the road was actually closed - and it was, for 4 days! So we went somewhere else ...

  5. It never occurred to me all this stuff is online. I can now see that I have been right all along - if planning a road journey of more than 10kms across Melbourne, make sure you have 4 litres of water for each passenger, energy foods, two flares and a roll of toilet paper.

  6. Roads Service. Dear oh dear. Still, give her time and your transport minister might sort it out. The name Gladys instils great confidence.

    Windsmoke, trams already control traffic lights in so far as trams are recognised by the system as they approach traffic lights and are supposed to receive priority. They do at times, but often not in my experience.

    JayLa, whoever controls your road and transport system in Budapest seems miles ahead of us as I think I read that Budapest has some of the highest, if not the highest average tram speeds in the world, unlike here where ours are very low.

    Red, is it breaker breaker, come in all Grey Nomads? I've here the local police stations can be quite helpful with road matters.

    FruitCake, you are close to the mark. I heard of one woman today who got caught in the debacle on her way to work and ended up just giving up and going home.

  7. You should send this as a letter to them. e saw the congestion in Melbourne on the news. "What was a truck, with such a load, doing travelling at 100k?

  8. Don't worry Diane. Without any self aggrandisement, they do pick these things up. They pay media monitors to scour media, including the net. All large orgs do. They miss nothing.

  9. Weird coz I checked around 7am and it was all black and red stripes. I also checked the traffic camera around Wellington Rd and you could see the bumper to bumper traffic. There was a lot of red on the alternative routes too. I chose to divert from Dandenong Rd and did rather well. I was quite proud of myself!

  10. Fen, I used 7am a little loosely. It may have been a few minutes earlier, but there was nothing. I too looked at cameras, but I forget which one. One side was chockers and the other empty.